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23 January, 2021

Back to ID'ing! :) Well... DFW area.

I had not done much ID'ing the past half year -- truth be told, I was a little burnt out from doing ID'ing after the city nature challenge. I know I'm not alone when I say that the growth of iNat can be a bit overwhelming. The growth is great, no doubt, but it's mighty hard to keep up!

Anyways, I'll be back to focusing on ID'ing -- mostly my local region (DFW metroplex).

We just past the 1 million mark for observations JUST in the DFW metroplex:

I use this identify form to go through the observations:

If I miss your observations, or if you want me to take another look, don't forget to tag me @sambiology ! :)

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28 January, 2021

City Nature Challenge - April 30 - May 3. Mark those calendars and cancel all plans. You've got to spend time in nature!

Hey friends!

So, the city nature challenge is coming up again at the end of April! I predict that it will be more of a 'collaboration' than a 'competition' -- although on the group call yesterday, the trash talk coming out of Houston (wink wink @habitat_jaime !) was painful to my ears... ;)

Mark those dates on your calendar -- April 30 - May 3 for observing, May 4 - 9 for ID'ing/uploading (you've got to have your observations uploaded by May 9th for them to 'count'). If you need a doctor's note to get out of work/school/family time, let me know. Just put the word "NATURE" on these days! Engage with nature as much as you can during this weekend -- and hey, if you're able to make a few observations, that's cool too. Just engage with nature!

Like last year, I predict that many of our public events will be slightly limited... COVID's still raging, and who even knows what April will be like. Nonetheless, stay tuned for public events -- I'll definitely post them in this project if there are any going on. Join this project if you want to be updated!

Relevancy: I've used last year's City Nature Challenge in DFW a lot... It's convincing when I'm talking to a city council or park board when I show them that over 1300 people sought out nature during a pandemic. There is biodiversity in the DFW metroplex. We seek out natural areas in our backyards and in public parks, and there's data to show it: Nature is clearly essential to us all, and this data is some useful conversational ammunition to the folks that make land management decisions.

I do hope that you participate in the city nature challenge, but most of all, carve some time to engage with nature however you need to. It's our refuge during odd times too!

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31 January, 2021

Rest in Peace -- Greg Lasley

Just got news that Greg Lasley, legendary iNaturalist and good friend, passed away this evening (30 Jan 2021). I will really miss Greg as many of you that knew him as well.

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