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11 May, 2020

Recording Volunteer Hours - VH: TPWD Field Research

Since this is a study on urban biodiversity, we'll log the hours to VH: TPWD Field Research.

One of the products of this challenge is a report on the species documented and the distributions in the urban ecosystem -- stay tuned for this!

If you have any questions about recording hours or need some guidance on this project, please comment!

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Daily Challenges! See if you can get all of these!

How many of these can you document???
May 15: a snail
May 16: a bird feather
May 17: a fungus or lichen
May 18: animal tracks
May 19: an animal with more than 8 legs
May 20: document something at sunrise (6:30ish AM)
May 21: a moth
May 22: something feeding on fruits
May 23: a plant with the color purple
May 24: an aquatic or semi-aquatic organism

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24 May, 2020

TX Panhandle BioBlitz - Socially distant gathering -- is that an oxymoron?

Hey folks,

So, it'll be a much smaller 'gathering' this upcoming weekend at the two WMA's. Aaaaaand, it looks like the weather may be a bit rainy. Shucks. No worries -- we'll still find a way to observe some nature. :)

Do me a favor -- save my phone #'s - personal (Verizon): 817 771 8793, and work (AT&T) 214 215 5605. May not have ANY reception there

Most of the weekend we'll play it by ear on exact locations to meet up and where to blacklight or explore.

Fortunately @oddfitz knows every square inch of Matador WMA, so he can point out some nice areas to explore too.

I'll be able to be at Matador WMA at around 4 or 5 PM on Friday, but if you get there earlier, that's ok. The headquarters spot is where we can 'gather' -- although, please keep in mind that I'm going to try to keep some distance from everyone. It's just a good practice... Apologies for the lack of handshakes or hugs this time around. :(

Here's the location:'03.5%22N+100%C2%B020'41.6%22W/@34.1176321,-100.3454372,230m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xb788f1366514acdb!2sMatador+Wildlife+Management+Area!8m2!3d34.1173374!4d-100.3442995!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d34.1176305!4d-100.3448904

The tentative game plan is to stay at Matador on Friday and Saturday, and then head up north to Gene Howe on Sunday and Monday. Two nights of blacklighting at Matador and one night of blacklighting at Gene Howe.

A few things to bring -- water, food, perhaps some bug spray, umbrella (if everyone brings umbrellas, then perhaps it will reduce the % of rain -- that's how weather works), lots and lots of camera batteries. Oh, bring some cleaning stuff too -- to wash hands frequently.

I'm planning on camping at both locations too. My stench will likely keep others at least 6 feet away from me too. Win win! :)

I hope that a product from this 'gathering' is a good digital record of the biodiversity at these WMA's. WMA's are refuges for so many different critters and plants -- let's show that on iNat! :)

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