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06 August, 2019

Texas Panhandle iNaturalist Gathering -- save dates: 29 May - 1 June, 2020


Save the dates: 29 May - 1 June, 2020.

Matador Wildlife Management Area: 3036 FM 3256, Paducah, TX 79248 -- 28,183 acres
Gene Howe Wildlife Management Area: FM 2266, Canadian, TX 79014 -- 5,886 acres

We'll plan for 29 and 30 May at Matador WMA and then 31 May and 1 June at Gene Howe WMA.

******* original message follows ******************

Hey friends,

So, iNat gatherings are the best. I really like them. It's fun to get together with fellow iNatters in an area to make loads of observations and enjoy each others' company.

We've had bioblitzes in a few different parts of TX, but not yet the panhandle. Let's change that!

Gene Howe Wildlife Management Area (5,886 acres) is relatively unexplored on iNaturalist:

Only 2 insects (both dragonflies) have been documented there...

There's bound to be more than that! I've not visited the area, but it does seem pretty interesting:

Also, Lake Meredith is not too too far away from Gene Howe WMA:
Perhaps few days here and a few days at Gene Howe.

Now, dates... I'm not really familiar with the conditions in the Panhandle... I'd think we'd shoot for a mid May time. A few dates that we should avoid: city nature challenge on 24-27 April through 1-4 May. So many a couple weekends after that 1-4 May (as many of us may be a little worn out!)... What about 15-18 May or 22-25 May???

PLEASE comment -- I need some feedback from folks that might want to attend. :)

*tagging a few folks in the comment -- please tag others that may be interested!

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