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11 December, 2021

Year in Review -- soooo cool to see this data! :)

I love it when the iNat folks do the year in review. It's so awesome to see the stats for all of iNat in the year, and then to get the personalized results too.

Here are the site's stats for 2021 (so far!):

Here are my stats for this year:

It was another year of just doing Texas travels (hopefully next year I'll be able to go a bit more north than TX), but I'm really happy that I was able to observe lots of critters and organisms this year. So far, about 3700 unique taxa in around 16k observations. Fun! And the little daily streak continued for this year too -- I've been super lucky to get to go outside every day for the past several years to make iNat observations. :)

You should check out your stats for this year! How did you do?!? And the numbers are irrelevant when compared to the engagement -- hopefully you engaged with nature a bunch this year!!! :)

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22 December, 2021

Anyone have any video footage of bioblitzes (Texas-stuff preferably)?

Hey all,

Just tossing a request out there... So, TPWD is working on a bioblitz/citizen science/uses of iNaturalist video, and we have a bit of footage, but I'm curious if anyone has any that they have that we can use too! Ideally, we're looking for Texas bioblitzing in action.

If you have some that you're willing to share, we'll give credit to you, of course. You can reach out to me here or at my email:

The video will be put together by @olivetree. Here is her last video (and she has another one that will hopefully come out soon on small urban green spaces):

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28 December, 2021

Fundraiser for iNat

My 40th birthday is coming up, and this year, I'm hoping for some funds to be donated to iNaturalist. I'm about as bonkers as one can get about this resource. It's a database, it's a community, it's a lifestyle! :) Seriously, I have engaged more deeply using the tool of iNaturalist than anything else. It's broadened my interests in nature -- I explore the ecosystem thoroughly. Each time I go outside, I take iNaturalist with me. :)

No obligation, but if you're able to, iNat is well worthy of funds. I've set a goal of $1k, and here's the site:

So grateful for this tool -- I've met with some of my absolute favorite people, in real life or virtually (with hopes to meeting so many of you in the near future). :)

Looking forward to using iNaturalist for the rest of my life!

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