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03 June, 2021

South Dallas County parks project -- species surveys in 10 parks!

Hey all,

We have an intern at the TPWD DFW office for this summer, and one of her projects will involve looking at 10 public parks in south Dallas county (locations around Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster, Dallas, etc...). At each park, we'll do some flora and fauna surveys -- lots of bug chasing, plant observing, and bird watching. :) We'll also do some 'human dimensions' study -- asking some of the fellow park visitors about their experiences with nature. We'll also have a little 'station' with some skins and skulls to maybe get some traction on folks coming to see what we're doing. We're working on a little survey/conversation piece to see how folks in south Dallas county engage with nature.

At the end of the project, we'll compare the size, management style, and human uses to the biodiversity that we document.

It should be loads of fun, and we'd love some help, if you want. We're also planning to use this data to highlight the biodiversity at our local parks -- these green places act as refuges to so many organisms!

Here are the 10 parks:
Herndon Park - Dallas 1901-1999 Alabama Ave, Dallas, TX 75216
Wonderview Park - Dallas 2400 Very, Cleaves St, Dallas, TX 75216
Glendale Park - Dallas 1515 E Ledbetter Dr, Dallas, TX 75216
Briar Gate Park - Dallas 3215 W Pentagon Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75233
Chris Paris Park - Duncanville 1223 Caravan Trail, Duncanville, TX 75116
Lakeside Park - Duncanville 500 Steger Dr, Duncanville, TX 75116
Waterview Park - Duncanville 1701-1799 Whitecliff Dr, Duncanville, TX 75137
Ernie Roberts Park - DeSoto 515 Pleasant Run Rd, DeSoto, TX 75115
Heritage Park - Lancaster 250 N Dallas Ave, Lancaster, TX 75146
Ten Mile Creek Preserve - Lancaster 900 Nokomis Road, Lancaster, TX 75146

If you're interested in helping, let me know! :) Oh, and I'll update this post with details as we get them.

Here's my cell: 214 215 5605

Again -- the main point of this is to convince/guide public land managers to manage their parks (at least partly) for wildlife. Wildlife is there -- people are there that engage with it -- so, manage for it!

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22 June, 2021

Moth week stuff!

Moth-ers! Some 'mothing' events (I guess I really should call these "black-lighting" because we tend to be just as interested in all of the other bugs that come to the lights...) coming up in July:

July 17 - Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland
July 18 - Lochwood Park in Dallas
July 21 - Stephenville - journal post with more info here.
July 22 - John Bunker Sands in Seagoville
July 24 - Acton Nature Center east of Granbury

Should be fun! :)

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