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11 January, 2019

Florida plans! Updated (although, may be adjusted)

So, I'm super excited about going to south Florida. Big time thanks to these folks for suggestions and advice: @susanhewitt @gcwarbler @joemdo @alisonnorthup @madisong @raulagrait @tpalmer @lovebirder @oddfitz @bennypoo

Here's the main agenda (with fabric store visitations as well)...

18 Jan, Fri
Get into Miami international at around 1 pm, start heading north...
Once Upon a Quilt, Stitchcraft, Sew Much Fun (quilt stores in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton)
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Stay in Boca Raton

19 Jan, Sat
Drive south
Bill Boggs Cape State Park on Key Biscayne
Castellow Hammock Preserve and Nature Center?
*look for Red-whiskered bulbul around South Glenver Heights
Stay in Homestead

20 Jan, Sun
Drive to Keys!
John Pennekap Coral Reef State Park
Stay in Marathon

21 Jan, Mon
Everglades!!! (hopefully not completely abused or trashed out from the gov't shut down...)
Stay in Homestead (or drive towards Naples in evening and stay there)

22 Jan, Tues
Drive to Naples
Flash Sew and Quilt (quilt store)
Collier Seminole State Park
Stay at Sanibel Island

23 Jan, Wed
Early shell hunting at Sanibel!
Three-Crafty Ladies (quilt store)
Hopefully more shell hunting throughout day...
Stay in Fort Myers

24 Jan, Thurs
Maybe jump back down to Sanibel...?

Quilt Lovers Hangout, Susie Q's Quilts and Sewing Center (quilt stores)
LaBelle Nature Park
Manatee Park
Stay again in Fort Myers

25 Jan, Fri
Drive to Clewiston
Taylor Creek Conservation Area?
Maybe stay around Lake Okeechobee

26 Jan, Sat
Pam's Fabric Nook, Quilter's Choice, Lara's Sewing and Quilt Shop (end of quilt shopping!)
Lake Park Scrub Natural Area?
Fly out in the PM...

That's the general agenda so far! It's a bit of a whirlwind of a trip, but I think it'll give me a good flavor of the different areas around South Florida. While my wife is in the fabric stores, I'll be around the ditches, getting some of the weeds and maybe some bugs. :) Hopefully the weather cooperates for the nature stuff. If I'm missing some crazy good nature spots, or some of my nature parks/spots should be skipped, PLEASE let me know! Oh, and if you know of any other fabric stores, please let me know that too. ;)

Using the observations from Jan, Feb, and December in this area for some ID help:,2,12&nelat=26.940636858221612&nelng=-79.85941509111592&place_id=any&subview=grid&swlat=24.215863298237775&swlng=-82.54496211512753

Oh, and if you're in/around South Florida at this time, toss me a text!
817 771 8793

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