Rest in Peace -- Greg Lasley

Just got news that Greg Lasley, legendary iNaturalist and good friend, passed away this evening (30 Jan 2021). I will really miss Greg as many of you that knew him as well.

Posted on 31 January, 2021 01:49 by sambiology sambiology


Rest in Peace Greg....

Posted by pufferchung over 3 years ago

I am sorry to hear this. I am relatively new to INat but found his interview helpful as orientation. He obviously made a great contribution! My condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by chdonati over 3 years ago

So sad to hear. He will be greatly missed in the community.

Posted by reidhardin over 3 years ago

Sad to hear that- he sure helped a lot of people out on iNat :)

Posted by bstarzomski over 3 years ago

Really terrible news. Greg was a great help on many of my moth and bird ID’s, he’ll definitely be missed on iNat. . Rest in peace.

Posted by kemper over 3 years ago

I first came across Greg on Odonata Central where he constantly helped me with Damselfly identifications, then on iNaturalist where again he was always a source to me for identifications. Almost got to meet him a couple of years ago, but someone he knew showed up from Turkey so he canceled and I wasn't in his area thereafter. I will miss him for a while, but one day we will meet and I know we will have a joyous time.

Posted by phototime over 3 years ago

As Annika has said, Greg is the reason the Texas iNat community is what it is today. He certainly encouraged and helped me in my early iNat days and is one of the reasons I am the iNat addict I am today. We will all miss him. He was a great man.

Posted by connlindajo over 3 years ago

Really sad to hear about this. He was a great contributor to the community and was part of the reason I decided to stick around early on in my "iNaturalist career". He definitely will be missed.

Posted by kiwikiu over 3 years ago

Oh no. I didn't interact with him much but can definitely appreciate his contributions to the community. Rest in peace.

Posted by upupa-epops over 3 years ago

Sad to hear this news....he will be greatly missed.

Posted by rlseman over 3 years ago

Crushing, heartbreaking news. He will be missed.

Posted by amzapp over 3 years ago

I was following him on INaturalist. What an interesting life he led according to his profile. Sounds like he had a grand time here on earth.

Posted by kneubaue over 3 years ago

Greg's contributions to iNat have been considerable and they will live on. He asked me some weeks ago to add a note to his personal profile on iNaturalist; I'll be adding an appropriate memorial note there in a few days.

Posted by gcwarbler over 3 years ago

@gcwarbler I am particularly saddened by your loss. I know you and Greg were close friends.

Posted by connlindajo over 3 years ago

Super sad. He inspired me to go all in for iNaturalist.

Posted by jcochran706 over 3 years ago

Very sad to learn of Greg's passing. Rest in Peace , my friend.

Posted by charley over 3 years ago

I’m so sorry, my friend. May light perpetual shine on his soul.

Posted by laurenjansensimpson over 3 years ago

Oh, what a loss! May his work continue to educate and help us learn. Prayers for his family.

Posted by suz over 3 years ago

I first met Greg in the birding world maybe 30 years ago, and was so impressed with his passion and attention to detail. More recently he helped me with ID issues with Odonata and moths, and encouraged me to document a new county record of a dragonfly on Odonata Central. His passing is such an incredible loss to the naturalist community. RIP Greg...we'll miss you.

Posted by dcarrie over 3 years ago

An in memoriam journal post from iNat:

Posted by sambiology over 3 years ago

I never met Greg but he emailed me a few times and welcomed me to iNaturalist in 2017.

He helped me with many dragonflies and birds.
His beautiful photos, energy, wonderful knowledge and input to the iNat’ community will be such a loss.
He has left a wonderful footprint for us to follow.
Prayers to his family and many friends.

I know he has many other good things he has done outside this site.
Many things a few of us probably do not know of.
For myself, this is how I know of him, iNaturalist.

I am going to imagine Greg, sitting in a field full of beautiful flowers, surrounded by colorful dragonflies and birds ,though he was so good with many other animals as well.
This is how I will remember him.

Rest in Peace.

Posted by walkingstick2 over 3 years ago

I'm so sad to read this and am a bit late. RIP Greg...

Posted by butterflies4fun over 3 years ago

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