About iNaturalistUK

iNaturalistUK is a community for UK nature lovers where you can record your own nature observations and get help identifying them. Take a picture of the plant you see or record the bird you hear - iNaturalist is suitable for all species around the world! The recorded findings are available and usable by researchers, authorities and anyone interested in nature. By recording your nature observations, you can help with research and conservation.

Learn more about Network Affiliation and how data is shared to iNaturalistUK.

iNaturalistUK is a member of the iNaturalist network, a joint initiative of the the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.  iNaturalistUK is managed in the UK by the National Biodiversity Network Trust.

iNaturalistUK is supported by the Marine Biological Association and the Biological Record Centre.


What is the National Biodiversity Network Trust?

The National Biodiversity Network Trust (NBN Trust) has been championing the sharing of wildlife data since 2000. The NBN is the UK’s largest partnership for nature. To find out more about what we do and the other ways you can access and share wildlife data, please visit the NBN Trust website.

Support our work

The NBN Trust is a charity and welcomes your support. Donate to the NBN Trust.

Help and Support

There is lots of help and support including links to videos to help you get the most out of iNaturalistUK on the iNaturalist help pages. We recognise that some users in the UK may have additional queries. Please take a look at the iNaturalistUK section on the NBN Trust website for more information.

iNaturalistUK User Group

We would like to know more about how individuals, organisations and groups are using iNaturalistUK to gather data and engage people in recording wildlife. We really want your views and feedback.  Find out more about the iNaturalistUK User Group. Simply sign up to the mailing list or become actively involved in an online workshop.

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