Insights into the initiation of myrtle rust infection

Have you ever noticed that myrtle rust symptoms appear on the newly emerged parts of plants, such as the new leaves, fruits, or flowers? Behind this small detail lies a big clue about how myrtle rust spores are able to enter the host tissues.

So how does myrtle rust infect plants? What are the mechanisms that allow this fungus to penetrate the host tissues and cause disease? In this post, we will briefly explore the initiation of the infection process of myrtle rust.

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Ornithology Journal 2

Date: 2/19/2024
Start time: 14:00
End time: 15:16
Locations: Redstone campus and Centennial Woods
Weather: 23 F, Sunny, 9 mph Southeast wind
Habitats: Open lawn with ornamental trees such as Highbush Cranberry and Eastern Red Cedar; Northern hardwood forest dominated by mature Eastern White Pines and deciduous understory

The weather for this week's bird walk was sunny but cold, so birds were actively feeding to gain energy and conserve heat. On campus, I saw s...

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Yet Another In-person Event!

I live too far away to take up @quietlymagical on her lovely invitation to gather at her house Sunday afternoon to make IDs together, so I decided to throw an event of my own in my own town. You are all hereby invited to join me Saturday afternoon, Feb. 24th, from 1 to 4 PM, at the Millers River Environmental Center, 110 Main St., Athol, MA. Bring your laptops or smartphones and help make identificati...

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Project Summary

This project (Italian Wall Lizards in the United States) has been set up to track the range expansion of the invasive Italian wall lizard.

The Italian wall lizard (Podarcis siculus) has been quietly making its way into various corners of the United States. Originally native to Europe, this species can now be found on both coasts as well as in the center of the US. As part of our ongoing efforts to understand and track this invasive species, we' are excited to introduce our iNatu...

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Journal Entry 2

Date: 02/22/2024
Start time: 9:45 am
End time: 10:45 am
Location: Centennial Woods, front entrance
Weather: 36℉ but feels like 26℉, 17mph north winds, 85% cloud cover
Habitat: suburban forest, mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, near a stream

When I first arrived at Centennial Woods I was met with several Black-capped Chickadees near the entrance. After doing some research, it is not surprising to have found these birds so close to residential homes becaus...

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Sarcoscypha spp. in Europe

In late winter and early spring, beautiful red cup fungi of genus Sarcoscypha can be found growing on fallen twigs and branches of deciduous trees. In Europe (excluding Macaronesian islands), there are three possible species: S. coccinea, S. austriaca<...

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WFB2300 Field Journal 2

Date: 2.21
Start time: 10:40am
End time: 11:30am
Location: Golf course area behind Redstone Lofts
Weather: Very windy and very sunny, 33 degrees F.
Habitat: Frozen over wetland with lots of tall, dried canary grass, and a small and young wooded area next to wetland with maple, oaks, and birches to the south. The wetland had a parking lot on its west and east sides. The wooded area had a large open golf course on its southern side. The woodland had a few snags/dead tr...

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Plague Soldier Beetle

I observed many Plague Soldier Beetles in the water at Seaford Front Beach on 21/2/24.

I've never come across this before and wondering how they initially got there. I saved 5 of them but there were quite a few spread around widely in the water.

It seems strange to me they would fly in to the water (about 80m out) but how else would they get there?
There was no debris floating on or near the surface but for a picked flower and leaf (floating separately a distance from...

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Tree identification, how to

This is a great article from IFAS on tree identification. This gives good clues about what sorts of photos are needed to ID trees.

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Field Journal 2

Date: February 3rd, 2024
Start time: 12:00pm
End time: Around 1:00pm-1:10pm
Location: Centennial Woods
Temperature: High 20s (Fahrenheit)
Wind: Only an occasional slight breeze, direction unknown
Precipitation: None. The air was dry and cold
Habitats: woodland edges, suburbs, roadsides, mixed hardwoods, streamside, conifer stands, etc.

I went birding for the first time on February 3rd, 2024. We (I went with two other people) started around...

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Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club Embraces iNaturalist

Gary Hall from the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club, wears many hats, as the Land Stewardship Director, Hike Leader, and iNaturalist enthusiast, Gary brings this month's journal post to you:

Prior to joining iNaturalist in May of 2019, I used to think that a Bumblebee was a bumblebee, but I’ve learned since that there are actually sixteen species of Bumble Bee in Ontario.

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Итоги 2022 года (виды)

В 2022 году на территории области отмечено 2 093 видов, что на 436 видов больше, чем в 2021 году. Свой вклад в проект внесли 293 наблюдателя, а самый активный наблюдатель @sokolkov2002 (933 вида).
Лидирует среди муниципальных образований - Александровский район (1086 видов).

Муниципальное образование

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Winter at the Intervale

Date - 02/22/2024
Start Time - 9:30 am
End Time - 10:30 am
Location - The Intervale Center
Weather - 35℉ and cloudy, wind speed 10mph from the South
Habitat - Silver maple ostrich fern floodplain forest

Today I went to the Intervale Center to observe some winter bird activities. It was a cloudy morning, but I was sure I would see lots of bird activity on Caulkins trail which runs along the Winooski River. I was surprised by how little bird activity I observed ...

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Ornithology Field Journal 2

Date: 2/22/24
Start Time: 10:30 am
End Time: 11:30 am
Location: Centennial Woods
Weather: 39°F, 16 mph winds (North), no precipitation
Habitat: Mixed forest (Eastern white pine, Paper birch, etc.)

This week, I went to Centennial Woods on UVM’s campus. The trails were icier than expected, so I didn’t get to go as far as I wanted to. Instead, I used the opportunity to find a sit-spot and practice my auditory bird identification. I mostly heard Black-capped...

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Journal Entry #2 - East Ave

Date – 02/21/24
Start time – 2:30pm
End time – 3pm
Location – UVM Harris Millis parking lot
Weather (temperature, wind speed/direction, precipitation) – About 40 degrees, low/no wind speed, partly sunny
Habitat(s) – Urban/suburban edge habitat

I was taking my usual walk home to Harris Hall at 2:30 when I began to notice a lot of bird activity on my route. I decided to take this time to focus on it and observe these birds as well as the surrounding habitat for ...

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Monterey Audubon - Bushtits

How to photograph Bushtits: Find a Bushtit, which generally means finding many Bushtits. (It helps to learn their subtle calls, which they make incessantly.) Get one in focus after great effort. Hit the shutter repeatedly until it's no longer in focus. Hope. Repeat.

Fortunately they're common so there are ample opportunities to try. This one was with a little flock in the willo...

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MBP - Crested Mudalia (Leptoxis carinata)

Crested Mudalia (Leptoxis carinata) is a freshwater snail with records scattered across a roughly Appalachian range. They're found in Atlantic drainages from New York to North Carolina. Maryland Biodiversity Project has records from the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Ridge and Valley regions but not Garrett County. It appears to favor high-gradient unpolluted streams, where it is generally found on stones.

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February 18th - Global Sciapodinae, #5: Afrotropics

Heyo, fly folk!

This week we will talk about the Afrotropical fauna in the context of the Australasian genera. We will also continue identifying the Oriental observations, as there are many more than in Africa.

Date & Time: 8 PM EST on Sunday, February 25th.

Join here: Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 874 5687 3015

Passcode: di...

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October and December 2023 wildflower hikes

Catching up.

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Journal 2: Intervale

Date: February 21, 2024
Start Time: 3:25pm
End Time: 4:30pm
Location: Intervale Center, Burlington, Vermont
Weather: Partly cloudy, 37℉, windy- 13mph
Habitat: Silver maple-ostrich fern floodplain along the Winooski river

For this field journal, I went to the Intervale and observed a range of species including the American crow, American robin, white-breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, and common merganser. The most active of the species I observed was the Am...

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Field Journal 2

Field Journal 2
February 21
3:00 - 4:00
40℉ sunny with moderate winds
Riverine floodplain forest

My initial foray into the Intervale had me skeptical and nervous that I wasn’t going to see any birds. There are minimal undergrowth structures along the trail and I did not imagine there would be prime foraging opportunities there, so my expectations were low for successful birding. However, luckily I was wrong and I had a great time! The first species I...

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Field Journal 2

Date: 02/17/2024
Start time: 12:30 pm
End time: 14:00 pm
Location: College St. from UVM Green to Lake Champlain and the beginning of the walk to the beach.

Weather: -3°C, partially cloudy, a little bit of snow, some rays of light
Habitats: Street with trees near the houses on both sides of the road. Lake Champlain (sort of a dyke along the side of the lake).
Species list:
-American Robin (2)
-Cedar Waxwing (4)
-House Finch (2 females)

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昆虫:4128 种(+305)
植物3097 种 (+104)

蛛形纲346 (+38)

两栖:56 (+0)
爬行: 75 (+1) 苏卡达陆龟
鸟:289 (+4)
哺乳类 96 (+1)

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An In-Person ID-a-thon Event

Laura (@quietlymagical) has very generously extended this invitation to everyone!

Open invite: Laura (@quietlymagical) is inviting any local iNat enthusiasts to an in-person ID-a-thon event at her home in Medford MA, Sunday Feb 25, 1-4pm. Feel free to drop in and out. Bring your laptop or smartphone, make som...

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Field Journal 2

Date: February 22, 2024
Start time: 10:50am
End time: 12:15pm
Location: Shmanska Park
Weather: 34°F, 69% humidity, 17 mph wind
Habitat: Open fields, bushes, maple and oak trees

Today I walked to Shmanska park to observe how various bird species adapt to survive in chilly conditions. Throughout my walk I noticed several dead trees, or snags, which play a crucial role in the winter habitat for local birds. These snags provide perches for hunting, nesting, and pr...

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Field Journal 2 - Winter Ecology

Date – 2/19/24
Start time – 8:15 am
End time – 9:32 am
Location – Gilbrook Natural Area, Winooski, VT
Weather – 16℉, clear blue sky, very sunny, low wind
Habitat(s) – Mixed forest: Eastern White Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Northern Red Oak, White Oak, Paper Birch, Yellow Birch, Eastern White Cedar, Staghorn Sumac

When I went on this bird walk with my mom, we observed many different behaviors that birds use to survive the winter. First, one way that birds produce b...

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Winter Stonefly Search 2024

On 2/17/2024, I embarked on my first winter stonefly (Taeniopterygidae and Capniidae) hunt. We were at a new site for my organization, an addition to our usual site. It was another site along the same river, but about a mile or so further downstream. It was pretty cold and a little snowy, but the sun was shi...

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Renatiella scrobipennis (Haag-Rutenberg 1875)

A black nocturnal or crepuscular Kalahari beetle with numerous shallow grooves on thorax and elytra; found under shrubs and trees in arid plains. (Penrith, M. L. 1979. Revision of the western southern African Adesmiini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). Cimbebasia, 5(1))

Oblong-oval, black, opaque; the head is biimpressed between the eyes, covered with large punctuations converging in part longitudinally; thorax less transverse, only marginate at the sides in front, evenly rounded, den...

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Project Status

Overview of the project:

101 OBSERVERS from three colleges and two universities in Nepal.

Thank you everyone for your contributions!

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