Project Update - September 2022

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September marks the end of summer, and the start of fall. The amount of insects we see starts to decrease, while we see more of the fall migrants passing through.

The project increased from 6141 to 6369 observations (+228), 1551 to 1587 species (+36), and 151 to 152 observers (+2).

Our number of Research Grade observations increased from 3801 to 3...

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Infraorder Orthorrhapha (Orthorrhaphan Flies)

  • Superfamily Asiloidea
  • Superfamily Empidoidea (Dance Flies, Long-legged Flies, and Allies)
  • Superfamily Nemestrinoidea (Tangleveined and Small-headed Flies)
  • Parvorder Stratiomyomorpha (Soldier Flies and Allies)
  • Parvorder Tabanomorpha (Snipe Flies and Allies)
  • Parvorder Vermileonomorpha
  • Parvorder Xylophagomorpha
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Golden Moles

The Golden Moles (Chrysochloridae) comprise 21 species in 10 genera and 2 subfamilies. Some 18 species are endemic to southern Africa (with Chrysochloris stuhlmanni,, Calochlris leucorhina & Calochlris tytonis being outside).
For ID note the fur colour and roughness, skull size, relative sizes of foreclaws 1, 2 and 4. Of taxonomic importance is the malleus (the hammer bone in the inner ear), and the mallear vesicle that houses it, but this requires skulls.


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Second Nature Walk: Fungi

For this nature walk, I walked through Pine Tree Preserve on campus to the reservoir where I then explored some woodsy areas off of the paths. The weather was cooler this morning than it was on the last nature walk I went on, and it was overcast. Similarly to on my first nature walk, however, I was surprised by how much fungi I was able to observe–especially now that I was looking for it. As I continued my walk, I learned to look in a few common places in which I tended to find fungi: on...

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Thank you for photo!

What a beautiful colaptes auratus!

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Try to Identify

We're glad you've made a number of observations but try to identify some of the observations you've made. You may be omitting a step in the process. Once you upload the images, you then need to click "what did you see?" Once you click that, iNaturalist will provide ID suggestions for you. Then select the best choice out of the five or so given.

Keep it up! See if you can ID the next dozen images you upload.

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Great Work!!

Keep up the good work! See if you can document another dozen plants/animals before Friday.

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Bullfrogs in El Paseo de los Arboles

Have discovered several American Bullfrogs are now inhabiting the river section from Irvington Road to Ajo Way whilst relocating a Colorado River Toad in the area. Went back yesterday to get photographic evidence which can be viewed below:

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Orders of Afrotheria (African Mammals)

Order Afrosoricida Golden Moles and Tenrecs
Order Hyracoidea Dassies
Order Macroscelidea Sengis
Order Proboscidea Elephants
Order Sirenia Sirenians
Order Tubulidentata Aardvarks

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Links to websites and articles about corythoderini and related .assumedly termitophilic aphodiines

Termitophilous Scarabs of the Tribe Corythoderini: A taxonomic review (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae)

POSSIBLY RELATED TRIBES AND and termitophilic genera....

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Awesome Job!!

Starr Elementary has done an awesome job in the bioblitz. Keep up the great work.

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Viele Dank für Eure Teilnahme!

Es ist absolut beeindruckend, wie wir in der Kürze der Zeit - sowohl auf die Ankündigung des Projekts bezogen, als auch auf das teilweise sehr verregnete Wochenende (nur 2 gute Beobachtungstage) - so viele Arten beobachten konnten.
Eine Woche nach Projektende verteilen sich die 419 Artenfunde auf 850 Beobachtungen. Insgesamt waren über 100 Beobachter beteiligt, alleine über 80 Schülerinnen und Schüler des Bunsen-Gymnasiums Heidelberg suchten fleißig nach Arten am Neckar. Karsten hat ...

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Shrews of southern Africa

Some 4 genera and 17 species are found in southern Africa at present.
These are:

Myosorex Forest Shrews
4 spp (features: colour, tail length, size, palates)

  • tails lack long bristles
  • teeth have extra tiny premolar (I3/2 C1/2 P2/1 M3/3 = 32

Sunchus Dwarf Shrews
3 spp (features: measurements - CI and toothrow)

  • very small (<70 mm HT)
  • tail with long hairs sparse among short bristles
  • as...
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Join the Friends of Serene Valley Bioblitz.


Friends of Serene Valley would like to invite you to their Biobitz

Date: 20 October 2022
Time: 09H00- 11H00
Venue: Serene Valley, Garsfontein ext.5 Meet at the sliding gate in Gilda St. corner Godfrey St.
Hosted BioBlitz will be for 2 hours but gate in Lola Ave is open every day from 06H00 to 18H00.
Anyone can enter if prefer to come another day during GSB days (28-31 October).
Group focus: Everyone is welcome.
Organizer: Carol Martin

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Flashcard web application in TypeScript

Over the past few years someone ’ve been periodically working on a flashcard web application, which you access here: 12

If you give it your location, you can decide where you want to study, what taxon, and then it’ll automatically incrementally load more flashcard. There’s a scoring system, and basic spaced repetition algorithm so you’ll see flashcards you don’t know more often than the ones you do...

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Siedzuń Sosnowy

W Polskich lasach występuje rzadki grzyb Siedzuń sosnowy.

W Polsce uznawany był za gatunek rzadki. Znajduje się na Czerwonej liście roślin i grzybów Polski. Ma status R – potencjalnie zagrożony z powodu ograniczonego zasięgu geograficznego i małych obszarów siedliskowych. Znajduje się na listach gatunków zagrożonych także w Belgii, Estonii, Litwie, Norwegii, Łotwie. Wbrew ustaleniom czerwonej listy w Polsce jest jednak dość częsty.

Występuje w lasach iglastych i mieszanyc...

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Vacant lot by the Holland Tunnel

I was shopping a the 14th st garden center and I noticed I field behind which had a lot of goldenrod. The property was surrounded by Japanese Knotweed along the perimeter. However, the knotweed had not taken over a majority of the property yet was filled in the many different plants. The knotweed also kept out the tree-of-heaven which was encroaching on the edges, covered in spotted lantern fly.

The most interes...

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Wildwoods of Saskatoon Virtual Premiere

Event name Wildwoods of Saskatoon Virtual Premiere
Date of event October 24 at 7:00 pm CST
Location Virtual YouTube Premiere and Zoom
Name of organizer Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.
Email address and phone number of organizer Julia Adamson 306.380.5368

The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. present the Wildwoods of Sa...

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One New Species and Four New Records of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Bhutan

Begonia menchunaensis P.Gyeltshen & M.Hughes is described from the cool broadleaved forest of Punakha District in Bhutan. It is assigned to Begonia sect. Diploclinium because it has a tuberous habit and bifid placentae, and is allied to B. picta. Based on its restricted distribution, Begonia menchunaensis is assessed as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. Begonia picta, B. rex, B. roxburghii and B. xanthina are reported as new records for Bhutan. ...

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Additions from VASCAN checklist


Neottia auriculata Auricled Twayblade
Hammarbya paludosa Bog Adder's-mouth Orchid


Alisma gramineum Grass Alisma


Amaranthus tuberculatus Rough-fruit Amaranth
Atriplex argentea Silverscale
Atriplex dioica Thickleaf Orach
Chenopodium pratericola Desert Goosefoot
Chenopodium subglabrum Smooth Goosefoot
Chenopodium berlandieri Pitseed Goosefoot
Blitum nuttallianum Nuttall's Povertywe...

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Great Southern Bioblitz 2022

Join Friends of Berowra Valley to learn how to become a citizen scientist using the iNaturalist app in the beautiful surrounding of Berowra Valley National Park.

Meet at the end of Schoefield Parade, Stringy Bark Ridge Trail, Pennant Hills at 10am on Sunday 30 October 2022.

Join thousands of fellow Australians around the country in using your smart-phone to observe and record what you see or hear using iNaturalist during the Great Southern Bioblitz (28-31 October 2022).

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Welcome, iNaturalist Taiwan! 歡迎《愛自然·臺灣》

iNaturalist Taiwan is the newest member of the iNaturalist Network! iNaturalistTW is a collaboration with the National Chiayi University and Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.

《愛自然·臺灣》(iNaturalist Taiwan) 是 iNaturalist 國際網路的最新成員!《愛自然·臺灣》是由國立嘉義大學與行政院農業委員會林業試驗所共同協作維運的。

Taiwan is located in the transition zone between tropical and subtropical regions of ...

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Sunday Afternoon Walk at Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Today, I went for a walk by the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Unlike my last nature walk, the temperature today was much cooler and the wind was steady and strong at around 12 miles per hour. The reservoir surface was rippling. It was still nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air before the sun goes down. On my walk, I encountered several cases of stereum, all located on different trees scattered throughout the woods. I also saw a few mushrooms at the base of a large oak tree. I saw lich...

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I walked around Cambridge and around Harvard's campus. I originally walked around Harvard Square and I didn't find any fungi, but I walked onto the campus and found a wide variety of fungi surrounding the trees. The weather was around 45 degrees, and it was very windy outside. I walked for at least 45 minutes and I noticed that I was only able to find mushrooms around trees that were moist, or with dark soil. After a while, I was able to know which trees would have fungi around them base...

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Houghton Garden Walk on Oct 2, 2022

I walked for around 40 minutes in the Houghton Garden Conservation in Newton. The weather was quite cool, and it was overcast. It didn't really matter because there was mostly total tree coverage along the different paths. I could tell that the season is turning to fall as many of the leaves had just began to turn in shade to an orange color, however, there was still flowering plants around. The colder weather could also explain why I saw no animals around. Besides the trees, much of the...

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Walk to End Alzheimer's

Hi folks, I'll be participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's this year. As some of you know, my father suffers from Alzheimer's. Because it runs in families, I may face it myself as I grow older.

Please don't feel any pressure to donate, but if you're able to consider a tax-deductible donation towards a good cause this year, here's my fundraising page:

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This morning my daughter got up "too early" and joined me for a walk in our local park - knowing I'd most likely make my 1,000th iNaturalist observation today. What a gift iNaturalist has been in my life, and sharing the excitement of my 1,000th observation with @greatspaceflamingo was also a gift (as she got me into this wonderful adventure only a little over a year ago)!

iNaturalist has become su...

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Nature Walk 1-Gabriel Valadez

I went and walked around the Houghton Garden area for approximately 45 minutes. I would say that earlier the weather was only mildly cold and only mildly windy and was perfectly acceptable to go for an outdoors stroll. When I was there I was taken aback by how green the area itself was and how many different types of plant life that were present. I was impressed and in awe with the many different types of fungi growing throughout the entirety of the garden and how diverse they were for b...

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