Recording Volunteer Hours - VH: TPWD Field Research

Since this is a study on urban biodiversity, we'll log the hours to VH: TPWD Field Research.

One of the products of this challenge is a report on the species documented and the distributions in the urban ecosystem -- stay tuned for this!

If you have any questions about recording hours or need some guidance on this project, please comment!

Posted on 11 May, 2020 18:36 by sambiology sambiology


I am looking forward to it!

Posted by carol308 over 3 years ago

Should we record the time we spent each day, or keep a record and record the total time for the bliblitz?

Posted by carol308 over 3 years ago

I believe that each day should be a separate record on the hours/time spent... At least, that's what I think would work. :)

Now, if you only spend like 5 min on one day and then 55 min the next day, then I think it'd be ok to put the hour as the second day. :)

Posted by sambiology over 3 years ago

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