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05 March, 2024

Unusual Marine Sighting

Sightings of the mantis shrimp, Rissoides desmaresti, are scarce but a Brixham based fisherman, Luke Tanner, reported not one but two this month!

Rissoides desmaresti is usually found in the Mediterranean but also sometimes found along the Atlantic coast of Europe, reaching upwards to southern British waters. As a burrowing shrimp they create a burrow system in the sediments from the lower shore down to 15 to 50 metres deep.

They reach lengths of around 10 cm long, have an elongated body with a small shield shaped carapace and large claws, characteristically mantis-like for capturing prey! The five spines along the dactylus of the raptorial claw distinguishes them from our only other British mantis shrimp Platysquilla Eusebia.

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27 March, 2024

Spring 2024 Newsletter

I created a newsletter and wasn't able to send it out. Instead please use this link to take a read!

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