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04 June, 2024

New Citizen Science Interactive Web Tool

The Data Team at the Marine Biological Association has released a new citizen science web tool, providing data-focused best practices and guidance for creators and users of citizen science data. The tool was developed in partnership with Natural England and funded by Defra and the Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (NCEA) programme and aims to support the growing volume of valuable data from citizen science projects.

Data management and citizen science guidance from over 60 literature sources across various sectors were compiled to create this interactive guide. It highlights the importance of a data management plan, the role of data archive centres, and the journey data can take to maximize reuse and impact. The guide emphasizes sharing data in standardised formats and under open licenses to inform environmental assessments, management policies and scientific research, both nationally and globally. Further information on broader citizen science guidance is also signposted, should you wish to find out more about non-data elements of citizen science projects.

The guide is organized into six data stages: plan, collect, process, preserve, share, and reuse. Each stage includes a description of suggested activities to ensure high-quality and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data, along with a checklist for implementation. Further information regarding each organisation and project mentioned can be found via links, pop-ups or within the glossary. At the end of some activity sections, case studies are included for projects that demonstrate good examples of the implementation of the activities described, to assist users to put the guidance into practice and make the most of existing citizen science initiatives.

The tool is hosted and maintained by DASSH (The UK Data Archive Centre for Marine Species and Habitats) at the MBA, and is a dynamic resource for the citizen science community

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