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15 December, 2022

Confirmation of Email Address

Email addresses for all iNaturalist accounts must now be confirmed - please see this blog post for more information.

Before you confirm your email you may want to take the following action to ensure that you will receive the confirmation email.

Within the App go to Edit Profile to check your email address. You can edit it within the app.

On the website go to

Account Settings > Profile

Check the email address field

  • is there anything in there? If not add your email address
  • is the email address correct? No stray commas or spaces?

If you have made a change click the 'Save Settings' box.

Now go to Notifications

Turn email notifications to ON - you can always change these later. If you have unsubscribed from ALL emails you will not receive the confirmation email.

It is probably not necessary but wait at least 24 hours between changing the settings and confirming your email to see if you do get sent any notifications from You may need to check your spam folder or add the email address to a safe senders list.

If, when you confirm your email, you don't receive the confirmation email you will need to contact ideally using the email address you want the confirmation sent to.

Don't forget - if you also have a generic login e.g. for your local recording group you will need to confirm that email as well.

There is also a thread relating to this topic in the iNatForum.

Posted on 15 December, 2022 14:45 by giselle_s giselle_s