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12 July, 2023

We’re excited to share the news that iNaturalist is now an independent nonprofit!

The National Biodiversity Network Trust, Biological Records Centre and Marine Biological Association are proud members of the iNaturalist Network, a partnership that supports iNaturalistUK. This arrangement allows people from the UK to tap into the powerful global iNaturalist community to share and identify observations and provide invaluable biodiversity data for research and conservation.

We’re excited to share the news that iNaturalist is now an independent nonprofit. Rest assured that the platform and its data can still be accessed free of charge, and all of the features the contributors love about it will remain the same. Since its launch in 2008, iNaturalist has grown a vibrant global community of people who care about biodiversity, and the data generated by the community serves as an essential source for research and conservation decisions around the world.

The iNaturalist community will continue to expand our collective knowledge of biodiversity long into the future, and we look forward to growing along with iNaturalist, as they enter the next phase of their organisational development.

Read more on iNaturalist blog and in the FAQ section.

If you have any queries relating to the change to non-profit status these need to be sent to

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17 July, 2023

Take part in EuroBioBlitz 2023!

EuroBioBlitz is a Europe-wide wildlife recording event taking place on the 29th and 30th of September 2023. Anyone across the continent can support ecological research by uploading photos of their local wildlife to the iNaturalist app.

How to take part:

You can take part as an individual, by simply uploading photos of your local wildlife that you see on the 29th and 30th of September 2023. Alternatively, you could go that one step further by organising a walk to help your local community, friends or colleagues to discover the wildlife that’s on their doorstep. To receive free information, guidance, and resources to help you along the way, head to where the Natural History Consortium will be able to support you run your own mini event to record wildlife during EuroBioBlitz 2023. This could range from a short walk using iNaturalist to record the wildlife that you see around your workplace, to a full-day BioBlitz event with activities like pond-dipping and expert-led guided walks – you decide!

Resources for EuroBioBlitz are available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Swedish.

Join the EuroBioBlitz project page on iNaturalist

You can "join" the project page to get journal post updates, and to see records being added in real time across Europe during the event! Search for EuroBioBlitz2023 on the iNaturalist projects page, or click here to take you directly to the EuroBioBlitz 2023 project page.

Who is organising EuroBioBlitz 2023?

The #EuroBioBlitz2023 is organised by The Natural History Consortium (based in the West of England, UK) as part of INTERSECTIONS a collaborative initiative focused on supporting researchers across Europe. In partnership with Berlin School of Public Engagement and Open Science and the Global Science Show, supported by UKRI.

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