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07 November, 2023

Get ready for iNaturalistUK - Year in Review 2023

Every year in December, iNaturalist produces annual usage stats - the Year in Review. Since December 2021 these have also been available for iNaturalistUK. Your 2023 activity will be available to view from 01 December 2023. To makes sure your stats include all your sightings this is a great time to review your observations and make any updates. This can include improving your identifications, adding those observations that are still sat on your camera or assisting others by a helping to ID species that you know. You can also take the opportunity to review your observation licence to allow your sighting to be of most benefit to the national recording schemes and local environmental records centres. (CC0 or CC-BY is ideal. Read more here.)

See last years results

iNaturalist Global 2022 Year in Review

iNaturalistUK 2022 Year in Review

To view your personal Year in Review follow the link shown from the iNaturalist or iNaturalistUK Year in Review page or

To view stats from other years use the URL[YEAR]/[USERNAME]

To view any previous year for iNaturalist use the URL[YEAR] e.g.

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