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10 February, 2020

Intensive BioBlitz at Sam McDonald on Saturday February 15

As part of Sequoia Audubon's Great Backyard Bird Count festivities this weekend, there will be a special new sort of BioBlitz at Sam McDonald. This one will not be as structured as ones we've held in the past, instead allowing users already familiar with iNaturalist to fill in the holes in the coverage of this park, most extensively in its elevated southern sections.

For regular readers of this page - YOU are the people we WANT and NEED for this blitz! It is an all-day, come-when-you-can---leave-when-you-must sort of deal.

Here are the requisite links

February 15 (Saturday, all day; Sunday if weathered out on Saturday) - Sam McDonald upper reaches south of Pescadero Creek Road - we are going to fill in the spaces that we were unable to do last year - you have to respond to participate, as this is a more strenuous and more protracted BioBlitz than most - check out the project map here and join!

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14 February, 2020

Statistical Update

Dear San Mateo County iNaturalist Users -

Well, there are now two of us crazy enough to have accumulated over 20,000 observations in San Mateo county - @dpom and me (@gyrrlfalcon ). Four people have over 1500 species observed in the county, and five species have over 1,000 total observations. We are doing precisely what a project like this can do - mapping out the county's biodiversity, at a level of specificity that was not attainable prior to citizen-science tools like iNaturalist,

Remember - no area of the county is too modest, no species too quotidian, no repetition too duplicative: Just Keep Documenting!

Onward! - Jennifer

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