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04 November, 2018

Milestones and Aspirations

Dear participants in the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz -

The beat goes on! We are marching steadily towards 200,000 observations - let's see if we can reach that in 2019! More and more participants are joining all the time; iNaturalist itself is experiencing another exponential leap in growth. Don't ever forget that we here (San Mateo county and the Bay Area) were the pioneers. Our confidence in citizen-science and crowd-sourcing not only has been proven correct, but it means we'll have the strongest longitudinal data record moving forward!

Our neighbors to the south, in Santa Clara County, have been pursuing a Bio-Blitz project even more ambitious than ours, with blitzes practically every month. They have now combined these into a composite project. Take a look! I'll be doing something similar for us in San Mateo county, once I learn the technological ropes on this. - kudos to @merav and @debkccb for their extraordinary alliance.

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