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18 November, 2013

Milestones aplenty!

The ongoing San Mateo County Bio-Blitz continues to grow. In the last week we have passed three major milestones:

Observations - over 7,000 (to 7,368, in fact)
Species observed - over 1,500
Observers and contributors - over 100 (now to 107)

This kind of citizen-science participation enables this project to be a resource for anyone advancing an understanding of the interlocking habitat needs of our local flora and fauna.

Do not be afraid to put repeats of species into the data base. First, it makes a difference that distinct locations are well-represented with their expected species. Second, with many insects, the time of flight or appearance is a significant factor to be recording. Finally, collecting multiple observations of the same species doesn't hurt anything in the data base, and provides multiple pictures, a variety of individuals, and a richer sense of what is expected and what is rare.

iNat on!

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