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06 August, 2018

Beautiful iNaturalist Guides - and more Milestones!

Dear San Mateo County BioBlitz Participants -

Once again, we are fabulous! Look at our totals! Over 150,000 observations of over 5,000 species: that's top-notch! Thank you for all the observing and recording that you do.

@leslie_flint recently finished a guide to the Odes of the county. It can be found here

It joins the guides to Birds of San Mateo county -
and Butterflies of San Mateo county -
These two were assembled by @dpom

@alsholtz has a good guide to Native Plants of the county -

Kathleen Dickey ( @kdickey ) has a guide to San Mateo's Seaweeds -

And last but not least, Alison Young ( @kestrel ) has a Northern California Rocky Intertidal Species guide that includes a lot of San Mateo County-based work -

Consider these guides useful for learning and for identification. Also, consider filling in the edges - lichens, mosses, moths, reptiles, amphibians, slime molds, fungi, mollusks, grasses, hover flies, spiders - they need love too!

Many thanks to Leslie for her work on the Odes - onwards! Let's have the best documented county patch in the country!

Jennifer ( @gyrrlfalcon )

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29 August, 2018

Another Beautiful iNat Guide to San Mateo county

The irrepressible @dpom has produced another gorgeous guide for our county: FERNS! Thanks also to @tonicorelli2 for her amazing long-time exhaustive work on the flora of our local area. We are blessed indeed to live here - and to have the privilege of continuing to document the life around us!

Jennifer - @gyrrlfalcon

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