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01 December, 2019

Christmas Bird Counts and BioBlitzes

A few upcoming county events

December 14 (Saturday, all day) - Crystal Springs Christmas Bird Count - takes in the bulk of the center of the county, Contact @leslie_flint for more information

December 16 (Monday, all day) - Palo Alto Christmas Bird Count - takes in most of the south-eastern sections of San Mateo county. You can respond to this message for contact info on this one.

December 27 (Friday, all day) - San Francisco Christmas Bird Count - includes much of the northern part of San Mateo county, including San Bruno Mountain. Respond to this message if you want contact information for this one.

January 4 (Saturday, all day) - Año Nuevo Christmas Bird County - includes much of the south-western sections of San Mateo county. @leslie_flint is the contact for this.

February 15 (Saturday, all day; Sunday if weathered out on Saturday) - Sam McDonald upper reaches south of Pescadero Creek Road - we are going to fill in the spaces that we were unable to do last year - you have to respond to participate, as this is a more strenuous and more protracted BioBlitz than most - check out the project map here and join!

April 25 (Saturday, hours tba) - Devil's Slide Trail Park Bioblitz - part of the City Nature Challenge

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