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14 June, 2023

Bay Area Visit 2

Funnily enough, my last journal was on this very topic. Wow, that was really 4 years ago!

And as it happens, just like last time, things are very last minute. Guess what? I just found out today that I'm probably going to the Bay Area...drum roll please...tomorrow!

I will be around until the 19th June, and my goal is generally to catch up with all the goodies that the Bay Area has to offer. I've barely scratched the surface and there's many areas like Marin (including Pt. Reyes), Mt. Diablo, and all those regions that I've never been to at all. Generally, I try and get around with public transport as I will not have a vehicle during this time. However, obviously cars are a lot more convenient and I greatly enjoy sharing my passion and energy for iNaturalist with like-minded folks, so I'm hoping some of y'all have open schedules and interest lining up with this time period.

Currently I don't know where I'll be as a base, somewhere between San Fran and San Jose, probably wherever the cheapest or second cheapest motel is located (unless anyone has a spare guest room available, to which I'd owe you big time).

For now I'm tagging people I know have been in the Bay Area recently. Some of you might only be there on holiday, apologies if so, I'm not aware of where everyone lives at this time. But feel free to tag anyone else you know might be interested.
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Regardless, it oughta be a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing the bounties and marvels of that distant world up north!

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