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My daily interactions have always been connected to the outside, starting from an early age. My grandmother would walk with me showing each plant she had, talking about how they are important to everyday life, whether used domestically, culturally or medicinally in our Native Hawaiian culture. We spent mornings and afternoons, caring for and working with them.

When I’m out in the field, I try to learn about the interconnected roles flora and fauna have. As an architectural and urban designer, I’m particularly focused on how we become better denizens of our environment.

My dad was as involved with the natural world- he references how our connection to plants has always been strong. His iNat profile is here:
With the passing of each Native Hawaiian generation, our knowledge has to be conserved or lost forever.

Links documenting my ʻohana, perpetuating the old knowledge.
Sam Grace, Miloliʻi - Honoring Kapuna
Aunties Rosaline and Kalua ~10:58 to 13:10 The Song of South Kona

Please feel free to tag me on California flora. If there is something you want to connect on about my dad, please send me a PM. I’m curating his iNat postings and am working to make them as accurate as possible.

Yes, that’s Amelia Earhart on my shoulder. I keep chickens. They love eating my plants.

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