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02 December, 2018

Travel February-March 2019

Until the volunteering opportunity in Australia came up this was actually the only travel I was expecting to do...!

From Februrary through March, I will be on a birding tour in New Zealand, commencing in Christchurch. I'm thinking of spending a few extra days (or more?) in Christchurch to appreciate the non-bird fauna, as well as flora. I'm interested in about everything, particularly dragonflies, butterflies, plants, snails...but not excluding fungi, and other things. If you have a blacklight setup for moths, that's of particular interest too. My focus will be on native species.

If anyone from the area can advise on locations accessible with public transport, or if you want to schedule a meetup or two, now is your chance! This will be my first time in NZ. If you show up and say "hey, we can go on an expedition to the mountains for a week", I wouldn't say no either!

Apologies for the group tag -- if you know anyone else who might be interested/want to help, feel free to let them know...
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