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07 September, 2018

Travel September-October

Just a heads up I suppose that I will be visiting Hawaii from the 12th September to 19th, following the Festival of Birds there. The first days will be on Big Island, and then the remaining days on O'ahu. I was also thinking of trying to get tours on Maui and Kaua'i, but most tour guides no longer do tours in recent years! Really though if anyone has any target groups to look for (I have already contacted several of you), let me know. For instance, I will be checking Euphorbia for Nathan Taylor, and psyllids for Chris.

I have a good deal of map points for my visit to Hawaii, but if there are any particular suggestions, let me know! I wouldn't mind some sort of snorkelling/scuba diving session somewhere, since I have virtually zero ocean observations. I have a camera suitable for the task so I might as well. I think I'm good on bird locations, but I don't have any good stakeouts for the butterflies (although I have a big grid of koa tree congregations that I can check for koa blue).

Not to mention, I was invited to a volunteer session in Australia starting September 25th. So that will keep me out of America until late October. I will be based in Tasmania.

Just when I thought the year was over!

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