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22 July, 2019

Bay Area visit

I'm going to be in the Bay Area starting tomorrow (oops, I should have made this post earlier), with the following days at stake:

Monday 22nd -- arriving around 11am, meeting @robberfly.
Tuesday 23rd -- meeting with @tiwane and @catchang (formerly cicada stuff with @easmeds)
Wednesday 24th -- general catch-up around the West Bay to look for Geraniums

25th-29th -- butterfly bonanza with @robberfly

July 30th -- Returning to the Bay Area from butterfly bonanza early afternoon.
July 31st -- Morning with @merav at Warm sprongs.
August 1st -- ???
August 2nd -- early am tidepool stuff with @kestrel and others, am to pm.
August 3rd -- I have the day spare until I fly out at 7pm.

So if anyone wants to arrange a meetup or some such, let me know. I think most of my wanted plants are crispy beyond identification at this time of year, but there ought to be a lot of other stuff around.

@sea-kangaroo @dpom @gyrrlfalcon @alexis_amphibian @merav @catchang @mazer @leslie_flint @jmaughn @tiwane @kueda @damontighe @anudibranchmom @graysquirrel @dgreenberger
Feel free to add anyone else I forgot.

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