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21 March, 2020

Nalle Bunny Run Virtual Tour 2020-03-21

This morning would have been the monthly group walk on Hill Country Conservancy's Nalle Bunny Run. But like so many other group actives, HCC wisely (but sadly) cancelled it to help "flatten the curve" of the infection rate of the new corona virus pandemic. Wow, what a strange time we are in! Instead of the group walk, a couple HCC staff members took video and photos while I walked around and did more-or-less my usual tour. The result isn't posted yet, but when it is I'll update this journal entry.

It was a cool overcast morning, but the forecasted rain held off until the afternoon and the Bunny Run was birdy! It's a fun time of year. In the early spring we have a mix of our year-round resident birds, most of our winter-resident birds that haven't migrated north yet, and a few summer-resident birds who have already started migrating north from further south. And many birds are singing and figuring out their breeding territories!

One of the few photos I took was of this male Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, an early returning summer-resident species that nests on the Bunny Run. It briefly foraged low beside a large kidney wood bush while we watched nearby:

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

I was happy to find Red Buckeye in bloom, a beautiful native plant also known as Firecracker plant:

Red Buckeye - 1 - 1

Here's our complete eBird list:

And here are a few more photos on Flickr:

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