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06 January, 2022

Digicam: New Photo Tool to Export to iNaturalist

A new plugin was developed and tested to export photos to iNaturalist. This web-service is a social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe. iNaturalist receive observations of plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms worldwide, and around 130K users were currently active.

iNaturalist describes itself as “an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature”, with its primary goal being to connect people to nature. Although it is not a science project itself, iNaturalist is a platform for science and conservation efforts, providing valuable open data to research projects, land managers, other organizations, and the public.

394544 New tool to export to inaturalist

There is also a version for windows available, you can found a link here:
or go directly to:
there you need this file: digiKam-7.4.0-Win64.exe
there is also one with debug in the file name (but you do not need this)

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07 January, 2022

Medialogica Seizoen 2021 Afl. 8 - In het Spoor van de Wolf

Zo 2 jan 22:10 - Seizoen 2021 Afl. 8 - In het Spoor van de Wolf

In oktober 2021 wordt een doodgeschoten wolf gevonden bij Stroe. Hoe kon het klimaat in Nederland zo verharden dat de beschermde wolf niet overal meer veilig is?

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08 January, 2022

09 January, 2022

Witte boogbladroller - Acleris logiana (Clerck, 1759)

De Witte boogbladroller - Acleris logiana (Clerck, 1759) zit niet in het CV model en het is voor het eerst sinds tijden (2018) dan ik een hele reeks amerikaanse soorten krijg ip vde soorten uit de BeneLix.

En het opnieuw blijkt dat na het invoeren van twee waarnemingen van deze Acleris de CV wel terugkomt met in elk geval het goede genus: Acleris.

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12 January, 2022

Nieuwe soorten ontdekken met Citizen Science

At 50:00 you see that all observations made during the expedition are uploaded to iNaturalist

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20 January, 2022

24 January, 2022

MicMOSScropy mania

The goal:
To create detailed photos of the microscopic features of as many moss species as possible, both to document their presence and to assist future observers by providing examples of what kinds of pictures are actually needed in order to get most mosses to species.

Grijze Eekhoorn heeft een nieuw project aangemaakt:

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A sad story

How important are your observations and is it important to have them ID'ed?

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25 January, 2022

Bird songs, calls and other bird sounds

In some habitats, to observe directly a bird may be extremly difficult; the identification of a bird relies then on identifing its call.
There are different methods to identify a bird through its song, call, noise, etc:

1) training the ear by listening to the calls and songs of birds properly identified and recorded in audio material (Cd, tape, etc.) that you can reproduce as often as you wish, and then compare the learned and memorized song and sound with that that you hear in the field in situ.

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26 January, 2022

Unknown bird sound, any idea?

Something near Utrecht, the Netherlands

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