Digicam: New Photo Tool to Export to iNaturalist

A new plugin was developed and tested to export photos to iNaturalist. This web-service is a social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe. iNaturalist receive observations of plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms worldwide, and around 130K users were currently active.

iNaturalist describes itself as “an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature”, with its primary goal being to connect people to nature. Although it is not a science project itself, iNaturalist is a platform for science and conservation efforts, providing valuable open data to research projects, land managers, other organizations, and the public.

394544 New tool to export to inaturalist

There is also a version for windows available, you can found a link here:
or go directly to:
there you need this file: digiKam-7.4.0-Win64.exe
there is also one with debug in the file name (but you do not need this)

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Till now I did not find a special installation guide for digicam. A user told it is not really necessary, I hope he is right.

If you have already installed a current version of Digikam (>=7.3), then it is already included. Most probably you need just activate it. You can do that by going in the Digikam Menu to Settings->Configure Digikam, then in the new appeared window select in the left sidebar "Plugins" (in my installation second from below) then select in the list on the right iNaturalist by ticking the box. Then confirm it by clicking on the OK button.
When activated, it is available in Digikam's "Export" Menu-entry.

If you haven't installed Digikam - than this depends on your operating system. The user who answered my email was using Linux (installed either by the distibutions repository or as an app-image from the digikam.org page) but I am a windows user :-(.

Thanks Stefan anyway...

Posted by optilete over 2 years ago
Posted by optilete over 2 years ago

This repository provides Python code that identifies plants, birds, and insects in photos.

This project was inspired by the amazing progress in identifying plants, animals and mushrooms in photos that has been made by iNaturalist in the past years. The iNaturalist team has trained machine learning models with their vast collection of photos and research-grade identifications. In 2019, iNaturalist released Seek by iNaturalist which identifies photos offline on the phone and identifies to a higher level than species when an identification to species cannot be made.

Google provides three models that have been trained with iNaturalist data - classification models for plants, birds, and insects. These Google models can be downloaded and used with Google's TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite tools.

This code is based on the trained models that Google provides. It has been written to experiment with identification of species from photos and to give Seek's approach a try and compute probabilities across the taxonomic hierarchy.

This tool nature_id.py has been tested on Linux and Windows. It likely works on macOS as well.

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This tools finds named trails along this route. It loads iNaturalist observations from the area of the hike and discards those that are not along the trails. It writes three output files, a waypoints file, a table of observations, and an interactive map. Both the table and the map will pop up in a browser.

The waypoint file can be loaded into the free offline navigation app OsmAnd. This will allow this offline navigation app to display the iNaturalist observations along the hiking trails.

The table of observations lists all the organisms that have been observed along the trails along with the trail names they are on. The table for the mammals seen in this park looks like this:

Posted by optilete over 2 years ago

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