Events going on in/near Dallas/Fort Worth for the next few months!

Hey all,

Just tossing up some of the iNat events/bioblitzes/gatherings happening in DFW for the next few months. All are welcome! :)

Monday, May 16: 3-7 PM - biosurveys at the new nature park in Duncanville - Ladd Natural Area -- close to 447 Oak Leaf Dr, Duncanville, TX 75137
32.633979, -96.918541

Saturday, May 21: early to late -- not close to DFW, but a bioblitz in Austin!

Monday, May 23: 4-7 PM - biosurvey at Benny J. Simpson Ecopark in Dallas - Coit @ McCallum - N - FS, Dallas, TX 75252
32.988630, -96.766786

Saturday, June 11: 9 AM - noon - bioblitz at TC Rice Jr Natural area in Carrollton -
2105 N Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006
32.997715, -96.947701

Mothing events in July-- more details coming later! July 23 - Spring Creek Preserve in Garland; July 25 - River Legacy in Arlington; July 29 - John Bunker Sands in Seagoville; July 30 - Acton Nature Center.

Posted on 12 May, 2022 00:54 by sambiology sambiology


Looking forward to the mothing events, Sam! Thanks for including me.

Posted by jcochran706 11 months ago (Flag)

The TC Rice Jr Natural Area sounds intriguing- any time the information says to watch out for snakes, I feel a compelling need to go there.

Posted by jblinde 11 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for putting this list together, Sam, and for tagging me!

Posted by annikaml 11 months ago (Flag)

Ooo, I loved that mothing event at Spring Creek cause them are some of my haunting grounds :)

Posted by tfandre 11 months ago (Flag)

I’ll try to be at Duncanville on Monday and will pass on the invite to other NTMNs I know from the new class.

Posted by laurahaynes 11 months ago (Flag)

@sambiology Thanks, Sam! Unfortunately, my schedule is full on Monday, but maybe I can make one or two of the others; I hope so!

Posted by kathrynwells333 11 months ago (Flag)

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll try and get to the Benny J Simpson Ecopark. Thanks, Sam.

Posted by jsuplick 11 months ago (Flag)

Looking forward to meeting you in person. I will be there.

Posted by wyldvision 11 months ago (Flag)

Looks like it would be fun but unfortunately work will probably get in the way for me. Hopefully I'll make it to future events!

Posted by chandlerdavis 11 months ago (Flag)

Sam thanks for including us in your post! Lisa and I will see you at the mothing event at Spring Creek Preserve. We’re also looking at joining you for the BioBlitz on June 11 in Carrollton.

Posted by rick57 11 months ago (Flag)

Looks like I'm going to miss Moth Week this year. Major life event happening that week! ;-)
Hope to make a few of the others. Thanks for keeping us posted, Sam!

Posted by tadamcochran 11 months ago (Flag)

I really appreciate the list! Already working on some of the days, but grateful to know ahead so that I can make changes on my future work schedules! I will try to make it on Monday, but not totally sure I will be able to.

Posted by lulubelle 11 months ago (Flag)
Posted by sambiology 10 months ago (Flag)

Hopefully I'll be able to join y'all for the mothing events in July :)

Posted by stephtran 10 months ago (Flag)

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