Zachary Chapman

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I am a Cross Timbers Texas Master Naturalist and have been a member since 2016. I am also a board member for Bee City Arlington which I joined in 2020 during the Pandemic. I graduated Tarrant County College in May of 2022. I am an Arlington Martin High School graduate of the class of 2012. I am currently enrolled at University of Texas Arlington going for photography and Museum studies but also studying some cinematics. I have been part of many other organizations like Fort Worth Audubon Society, Native Plant Society of Texas, I have also been on a few park boards for a time. I am also part of the Herpetology club at UTA.

I am just a regular field rat when it comes to looking for observations. I now shoot with a Canon R50 Mirrorless after my Canon Rebel T6 went kaput. I have many other cameras I shoot with. I have night vision goggles that have camera capabilities, I have a game camera and a Canon Vixia too.

When it comes to nature bugs, birds, fossils, and sharks are my biggest interests but I will photograph anything in nature. I love learning and studying the dynamics of nature through my lens and I love see how many layers this planet has. It is just one rabbit hole after another. When I am not out in nature I like to keep up with my other nerd hobbies. I am a big Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings, Firefly fan. I am a mega fan of many other things too.

I love photography and learning new things about wildlife and nature. I also love to connect with others who are like minded and who bring other things to the table. I love discussing nature and it's deep philosophy. I love to explore and life is better when you are always looking for something to get into and go on an adventure.

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