UPDATE: please finish uploading and help us ID ...

We have totally underestimated the backlog of observations. Please continue uploading and get them done soonest. Now is not the time to give up: we are almost there.
So we will continue uploading today, and start the serious identification parties tomorrow afternoon.

The Kirstenbosch Research Centre will be open this holiday if you want to upload your last few data. Please come join us. (please RSVP @gigilaidler in advance if you want to use facilities on Saturday or Sunday)

For those interested, here is a breakdown by group:

Category No. of observations (No. of taxa) No. of observers
Birds 2454 (175) 390
Amphibians 82 (14) 57
Reptiles 397 (37) 190
Mammals 390 (52) 196
Fish 234 (40) 46
Molluscs 902 (163) 170
Arachnids 266 (63) 200
Insects 1900 (279) 409
Plants 18 665 (2 225) 808
Fungi 678 (115) 197
Protozoans 8 (2) 4

Unknown 12 230 observations still to process to one of the above: Please help!

You can start here: Just taking it to family or genus will be a very big help!


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We are very far behind with IDs. Our first few ID parties morphed into problem-solving of people who had difficulty uploading observations. Although some IDs were done (and esp. by our Merpeople), we have a huge backlog.
We would really appreciate help with.

Basic identifications. Anyone can help. Merely put these into Birds, Mammals, Fish, Plants, Fungi. But of course the finer you can go the better (e.g. family or genus). And if you know a species, please fill it in. If you want to help with these, please go here:

More skilled identifications. If you know quite a few species and are willing to help check preliminary identifications and refine basic identifications to genus and species level then please click this version of the Identify tool:
In the "species" box, please insert your interest group (e.g. Fish, Butterflies, daisies, chiroptera).

We need people to check some of the identifications made, but that is not a priority at this stage. We can do this over the coming weeks. The above two must be completed by 9am on Monday to count to the challenge!

As a strategy, to speed up the workflow and increase our chances, please feel free to skip over the common stuff, and focus on the more unusual and exciting observations. Dont neglect the common species, if you confirm one or two observations then they are covered for our species totals for the challenge. There are also measures looking at percentage identifications, and levels of identifications, but our main target is to have as high a species total at present at this stage. Please help!

If you have forgotten, or need instructions for the ID tool, please look at this 2 minute clip explaining the tool (there is no aural instruction, just music). https://vimeo.com/246153496

You may find it handy at the end of the page (the batches of 30) to mark the other observations as "reviewed", so that you dont have to look at them again, before skipping to the next page.


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Some useful links for identification, if you want to help:

Marine Fish: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&taxon_id=47178&project_id=32829&place_id=any
Marine Invertebrates: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&taxon_id=47115,85493,48824,47549,47490,47534&project_id=32829&place_id=any
(only the major groups)

Butterflies: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47224 @karoopixie @cabintom @landidecruz

Beetles: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47208 @beetledude @rjpretor @colin25 @borisb @fubr
Dragon - & Damsel - flies: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47792 @robert_taylor @sstanton
Herps: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=20978,26036 @alexanderr @bryanmaritz @rmaritz @jeanramsay
Spiders: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47 @hvardaman @cecileroux @dianastuder @robertarcher397

Monocots: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47163 @alanhorstmann @dianastuder @linkie @sedgesrock @fynbosphil
((Sedges: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47161 @margieherron))
((Restios: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=54693 @douglaseustonbrown @botaneek @annsymons @outramps-tanniedi))

Daisies: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47604 @cmerry @richardadcock @venturefoth @jwicht @fynbosphil

Fungi: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=47170 @gabymeyer @jurga_li @petragloyn

Aizoaceae: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual&project_id=32829&taxon_id=49320 @prix_burgoyne @james_deacon

Are there any other groups were we can make a big difference quickly???

Posted by tonyrebelo about 5 years ago

And now for a change in strategy:

Thanks everyone for a fantastic effort. I am certain that by now you are ready to drop and dont wish to do any more.
But we have 13 hours left. And the question is how to make use of it most efficiently.

Until now we have been:

generalists, making IDs of observations without any names to a level of family or genus (or finer)
specialists, working in our groups and making fine level IDs to species./subspecies or as close as we can

Whereas the specialists should continue with their great work, it is time for the generalists (and those specialists who are done) to change tack.

Our new aim over the last few hours is to up our number of research grade IDs.

But first we should all review our work, and check all replies to the work that we have already done. (I am assuming that all of us have long ago switched off notifications to agreements - if not, it is a bit late, but never too late! Go to your account settings and turn them off). This is important as we need to clear any conflicts in IDs. If there are unresolved conflicts, please call @tonyrebelo @vynbos @gigilaidler - and we will attempt to break any logjams (this is often important in hemihomonyms where an ID of a plant was made to an animal name, and the observation is now in a "state of matter" limbo).

Remember our aim to get to IDs to species level and reduce the number of "Needs IDs" to a minimum.

Having cleared these, our next task is to clear those species identified to species, but not yet research grade. Here is the link. Note that the order is random, so everyone will get a different set of observations to work with, hopefully speeding up the process.

As you can see we have 7000 observations that have been identified to species but are not research grade. Please feel free to agree to any reputable expert, and also to change the ID if you are not happy with it. While we want to up our research grade, we also want to minimize our errors!

Thanks for a stirling effort. The end is nigh ...

@karoopixie @cabintom @landidecruz @beetledude @rjpretor @colin25 @borisb @fubr @robert_taylor @sstanton
@alexanderr @bryanmaritz @rmaritz @jeanramsay @hvardaman @cecileroux @dianastuder @robertarcher397 @alanhorstmann @dianastuder
@linkie @sedgesrock @fynbosphil @margieherron @douglaseustonbrown @botaneek @annsymons @outramps-tanniedi @cmerry @richardadcock
@venturefoth @jwicht @fynbosphil @gabymeyer @jurga_li @petragloyn @prix_burgoyne @james_deacon @pbsouthwood @seastung
@elle_hutchings @robynpayne @mr_fab @charles_stirton @pholmes @pieterwinter

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Bugger work. Bugger sleep. Until what time (CAT) may we work?

Posted by beetledude about 5 years ago


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Posted by beetledude about 5 years ago

Closing time is 9am on Monday 06 May UTM+2 (SA standard TIme)
A few hours shuteye may well help!

Posted by tonyrebelo about 5 years ago

hah! I love that we have had the same gaming thought :D

Posted by seastung about 5 years ago

Pencils down.

Posted by beetledude about 5 years ago

I was hoping a klaxon would go off

Posted by vynbos about 5 years ago

Ja....fireworks too!
Now, to sleep (at work!)

Posted by fynbosphil about 5 years ago

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