Peter Southwood

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I am a member of the small Southern Underwater Research Group (SURG). We work on bridging the gap between marine science and recreational divers, diver education and training standards and development of some types of diving and underwater scientific equipment.
My personal contributions are in crowdsourced projects, diver education, equipment development and training standards.
You can also find me at Wikipedia, particularly focused on WikiProject Scuba diving ( ) and on Wikivoyage, focused on Dive sites of South Africa, where I publish recreational dive site guides and maps of the sites of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay.
I have been photographically recording the marine life of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay since about 2004. I often dive the same sites, but usually at different depths when I am mapping, so have collected a lot of photos. I am busy slowly uploading representative sets of photos from each dive.
My work is usually published under CC-by-sa license so it can be freely used on Wikipedia.

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