A huge thanks to everyone who took part and helped in the City Nature Challenge.

We are done, but parts of the world are still busy for a few more hours.

We have set the target for the number of observations and number of species, and these towns will be gunning for our target. Let us see if we have done enough!

To all of you who still need to load up observations. You have until 6 May to do so, but please do it now. Election madness is upon us, so please use today and tomorrow to get cracking. Plus we have the Kirstenbosch Garden Fair for this weekend: insane timing - all our Kirstenbosch specialists are going to be busy there! Anything not uploaded by the end of May 1, is going to be difficult to identify, so please try and upload everything soonest!

Time for the IDs parties.

The First ID party will be 10am at the Kirstenbosch Research Center at 10am today.
Tomorrow 1st May will be a special ID PARTY at 10am to 1pm. Please pop in to find out the tools to make this most efficient.
We will be continuing with the ID parties until Saturday.

Please rope in everybody and any body!
There are two goals.

  1. Get identifications of "plants" to the family or genus
  2. Get the families and genera to species.

Our strategy is to cherry pick. Focus on those species not yet identified, and then sweep up the duplicates.

That should work for plants. For other groups the work load should be less onerous and we can just tackle them all!
We have 4,100 observations only identified as plants or animals. We have 6,600 more observations identified only to family or genus. We have 31,000 observations that need ID. And we should just check some of the rarer species to make sure that they have been properly IDed. So we have a huge task ahead of us. Please get cracking.

Please help. If you see someone has not been busy - please try and contact them.
Right now please: we need especially Doug E-B, Botaneek, and our daisy specialists! Please get them going!
CREW and Botanical Society A-team: this is your goldenhour - the hard work is done, just the IDs are needed!.

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