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A few Orkney seaweeds icon

A few Orkney seaweeds

Simply a photo-collection of some of the seaweeds of Orkney UK
Albourne Hunters Mead BC icon

Albourne Hunters Mead BC

Albourne Hunters Mead BC
Alien Animal Species in the United Kingdom icon

Alien Animal Species in the United Kingdom

To track all members of alien animal species in the United Kingdom. Note that this project defines 'alie...
Ansty BC icon

Ansty BC

Ansty Blue Campaign
Atypical UK Sarcophagidae Observations icon

Atypical UK Sarcophagidae Observations

Gathering together UK observations of Miltogramminae, Paramacronychiinae and atypical Sarcophaginae observa...
BarbRE icon


Common barberry (Berberis vulgaris), plays a key role in the disease cycle of certain wheat rust pathogens....
Barometer Farms icon

Barometer Farms

A place for everyone involved in FWAG SW's Barometer Farms Project to share on-farm wildlife observations. ...
Bee Watch icon

Bee Watch

Bees we have seen.
Beech Hurst BC icon

Beech Hurst BC

Beech Hurst Blue Campaign
BES Annual Meeting 2019 BioBlitz icon

BES Annual Meeting 2019 BioBlitz

Unofficial BioBlitz for participants of the Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society in Belfast.
BIOSCAN UK for flying insects icon

BIOSCAN UK for flying insects

A photo library of arthropods from around the United Kingdom to aid with the identification of Malaise trap...
Bodington Fields Biodiversity Monitoring icon

Bodington Fields Biodiversity Monitoring

Welcome to the project page for the Bodington Fields biodiversity monitoring project, run by the University...
Borders Forest Trust Community Woodlands icon

Borders Forest Trust Community Woodlands

Recording wildlife in the Scottish Borders and Wildheart
Bosmon's Bryophytes and Liverworts of Epping Forest icon

Bosmon's Bryophytes and Liverworts of Epping Forest

Bosmon's Bryophytes and Liverworts observed within Epping Forest
Breckland Exclusives and Specialists icon

Breckland Exclusives and Specialists

There are two objectives in this project. Firstly, to log iNaturalist species that have, so far within t...
British Demoiselles icon

British Demoiselles

We are mapping demoiselle damselfly (Calopteryx spp.) wing colouration across the U.K. and throughout the f...
British Lawn Survey January 2023/ May 2024 icon

British Lawn Survey January 2023/ May 2024

This is my Year 2 project of my course at college and therefore need as much data as possible to help build...
Brooklands BC icon

Brooklands BC

Brooklands Blue Campaign
Bumbles on Blooms icon

Bumbles on Blooms

Become a bee spotter for the Royal Horticultural Society by recording bumblebees on flowers in UK parks and...
Cambridge Natural History icon

Cambridge Natural History

A record of nature from around Cambridgeshire. If anyone wants to help manage/curate send me a message.
Chalk Farm Hotel Garden icon

Chalk Farm Hotel Garden

This project is designed to allow Students, Staff and Visitors of Chalk Farm Hotel (Willingdon, Eastbourne,...
Clandon Park Conservation Management icon

Clandon Park Conservation Management

Clandon Park Conservation Management is an ongoing project aimed at recording data from observations, docum...
Delapre Abbey Tree Walk icon

Delapre Abbey Tree Walk

Classifying the wonderful trees in and around Delapre Abbey
E5 10xGreener icon

E5 10xGreener

To create a record of all the species in E5 and to see what happens when you make space for nature. Working...
ENNIS - Exmoor Non-Native Invasive Species Project icon

ENNIS - Exmoor Non-Native Invasive Species Project

This project includes observations to record survey effort. That is. If you don't find any invasive speci...
Exmoor Waxcaps icon

Exmoor Waxcaps

for recording Waxcap Fungi on Exmoor
Festival of Nature: Bristol & Bath City Region Recorders icon

Festival of Nature: Bristol & Bath City Region Recorders

Starting out of the City Nature Challenge 2018, this project is tracking ongoing wildlife recording in the ...
Fishing Catches of Falmouth icon

Fishing Catches of Falmouth

Falmouth is well known for its biodiverse coastal habitats and rockpools however the species data collected...
Flora in Grasmere icon

Flora in Grasmere

The flora mentioned in Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Journal.
Gentleshaw Common SSSI, Staffordshire icon

Gentleshaw Common SSSI, Staffordshire

An ongoing place to keep records for Gentleshaw Common SSSI, Rugeley, UK. Happy recording!
Identiplant_UK 2020 icon

Identiplant_UK 2020

A place to collect records in support of Identiplant submissions
Imperial MSc 2017 BioBlitz at Kew Gardens icon

Imperial MSc 2017 BioBlitz at Kew Gardens

One day BioBlitz in Kew Gardens to train Imperial College Msc students on iNaturalist.
Inverdee House icon

Inverdee House

Records around Inverdee House, Aberdeen
Kent Countryside icon

Kent Countryside

This project is for all things located within the area of Kent UK. Most contribution will be from public p...
Kent springtails icon

Kent springtails

Collembola (springtails) in the UK county of Kent. These are gathered here so they can be more easily be ad...
M&S Indicator Farms icon

M&S Indicator Farms

A place for participants in the M&S Indicator Farms Project to record observations on your farms. N...
Magdalen college insects icon

Magdalen college insects

Collate records of insects on Magdalen college grounds in order to create a species list for the open air l...
Manor Farm Park Birmingham icon

Manor Farm Park Birmingham

Project to record all the wildlife observed within Manor Farm Park, Birmingham
My example project icon

My example project

Illustrating project set-up
Native flora, fauna, and fungi of Edinburgh icon

Native flora, fauna, and fungi of Edinburgh

An attempt to document the native fauna, flora and fungi of Edinburgh, Scotland and its immediate area.
NBNT - Trial Project icon

NBNT - Trial Project

Testing project
NERC pollen collection icon

NERC pollen collection

Observations of plants for NERC project pollen collection or floral longevity assays
No Mow May (UK) icon

No Mow May (UK)

It's #NoMowMay - a campaign started by Plant Life ( to enco...
North Devon Seashore icon

North Devon Seashore

Collaborate and share species found on the beautiful North Devon Coast
PathoPixel icon


This project aims to map the distribution and health of fish in the UK. We are a team of researchers based ...
Plant & Microbial Sciences Class of 2020-21 icon

Plant & Microbial Sciences Class of 2020-21

Records made by students in the University of Cambridge Part IB Plant & Microbial Science class 2020-21
Post-industrial wastelands icon

Post-industrial wastelands

When industry closes and sites are demolished, nature finds a way to establish. Low nutrient land provides ...
Roadkill UK icon

Roadkill UK

Does what it says on the tin. To complement similar projects elsewhere in the world. The UK has high car us...
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