Update: First study from the British Demoiselle project now published!

During the 2018 flight season, a study of Demoiselles in Great Britain was launched through iNaturalist. The goal of this study, run by researchers at Durham University, was to learn more about how wing colouration changes through time and in different locations in these species by recruiting participants to submit their photographs of Demoiselles.

Overall, over a hundred ‘citizen scientists’ from across the U.K. submitted a total of nearly 500 photographs to the project. So far, the researchers have measured the relative size of male Banded Demoiselles’ wingspots from these photographs.

One interesting result from this study is that there is a change in the average wingspot size over the flight season: males emerging early in the year tend to have smaller wingspots than males that emerge in the peak season. For instance, here is a photograph of a male taken on June 1st:

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We are mapping demoiselle damselfly (Calopteryx spp.) wing colouration across the U.K. and throughout the flight season.

Please take a look at our journal entry for information on submitting observations.

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