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13 May, 2017

Scuba diving and Whale watching in Wakayama

My son got some patch in his swimming school, now he can swim faster than me. I wanted to give him something, I decided to give him a scuba diving in the south end of our area, Kushimoto, Wakayama prefecture. It was 1st scuba diving to me. :)
Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good so beginners only could dive in a wave-quiet beach. We learned equipment and signs and went short diving. I concerned if we choked under the sea but it didn't happen and under the sea was very comfortable. We expected colorful fish but couldn't find them but some sea cucumbers and sea urchins and small corals. :)
Next day we went whale watching. The guide said he can't say we can see a whale but he saw smaller whales a day before the day, so we expect seeing whales and dolphins. The trip start at 8 am and we saw dolphins 9:47, I was excited but many tourists got sea sick and seemed tired. 10 minutes later we saw a blowing and a black whale in distance. We noticed two whales, one large, one small, maybe a mother and a child. The guide shouted "SEE" and the whale dived and showed its fin on the surface, the movement was slow than I expected.

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