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15 March, 2015

Changing calender list to 24 solar terms

I made calender lists for myself and added species when I post observations.
But I felt four weeks(one month) is too long to flowers and insects, so I'm making lists of every two weeks. :)
We have 24 solar terms and it's very fit to my calender.
I mean, my list "立春, 雨水, 啓蟄, 春分..." is a calender, 24 solar terms. :)

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17 March, 2015

strange name.. Rhododendron obtusum var. kaempferi

ヤマツツジ(Yama Tsutsuji) means Mountain Azalea.
キリシマツツジ(Kirishima Tsutsuji) means Kirishima Azalea.
Kirishima is a place in Kagoshima prefecture. Kirishima Tsutsuji is a one of the Yama Tsutsuji in Kirishima area.

Wild specie Yama Tsutsuji is Rhododendron obtusum var. kaempferi.
Selection wild specie Kirishima Tsutsuji is Rhododendron obtusum.
Kirishima Tsutsuji(Rhododendron obtusum) is a variety of Yama Tsutsuji(Rhododendron obtusum var. kaempferi).. ??

Kurume Azalea is garden azalea. Kurume is a place in Fukuoka prefecture.
Kurume Azalea had breed improvement in hundreds years, some webpage says it supposed hybrid of Yama Tsutsuji and Sata Tsutsuji .
So I checked Sata Tsutsuji. I found Sata Tsutsuji is Rhododendron obtusum var. kaempferi... ??

all mixed up...

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