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05 October, 2014

Sapporo city, Hokkaido region. 1st impression.

I stayed in Sapporo (very north part of Japan) in this summer. I expect some butterflies and birds of no chance to find in my area (west part of Japan).
I had two targets, Peacock butterfly and Eurasian nuthatch.
I don't know where I can find them so I asked some coworkers but they don't know name of butterflies and birds. it's very normal.
so I checked satellite maps to find woods and went Nopporo 1st weekend. I noticed many June butterflies still flied even it was July. I found them trees on valley under bridge, they are obvious but too far to my travel camera. I took some butterflies very small like this( this is "Yama", there're two similar butterflies in my book and the butterfly I could find was always "Sato", no exception. but this one was "Yama", position of three dots are different. it was exciting moment when I zoomed the photo on my camera. :)))
I walked to other place, every place is 1st to me. I found strange colored grasshopper(, blackish snail, orange dandelions( is this Japan?
finally I found Peacock(, it was very lucky because I couldn't find Peacock after this week.
I was very tired of walking so I got back. I checked map and found I walked only 1% of the park. too large, it's Hokkaido. :))

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