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16 June, 2015

Identifying Clausiliidae

Seasonal picture of June-Japan is Land snails on hydrangeas, It's a rainy season.
I found some digital edition of some old books for education about Kobe in last year, one of them is Land snails in Kobe, published in 1979.
Ninety land snails confirmed in Kobe, Clausiliidae is twelve.
I photographed some Clausiliidae last weekend and tried to id them.
Fortunatelly "Bigai" website has all twelve.
The book doesn't describe size of them, so I checked sizes. All three Clausiliidae I found was around 2cm, six of the book are smaller. And Hemiphaedusa attyrita only found in Arima. Remains are five.
ツムガタギセル Hemiphaedusa (Pinguiphaedusa) pinguis platydera.
シリオレギセル Tyrannophaedusa (Decolliphaeduse) biladrata.
シリオレトノサマギセル Mundiphaeddusa (Mundiphaedusa) decapitata.
シロナミギセル Stereophaedusa japonica kobensis.
アワジウツミギセル Stereophaedusa japonica pallens.
Both 4th and 5th are Stereophaedusa japonica, remains are four.
Observation 1:19. Brown shell, scarce lines all over the shell. Six horizontal lines. Pipe width on tip is narrower.
-> may be Tyrannophaedusa (Decolliphaeduse) biladrata.
Observation 1:28. Brownish shell, obvious lines all over the shell. Nine horizontal lines.
-> may be Stereophaedusa japonica.
Observation 1:20. White, look like old empty shell, no lines. Six horizontal lines. Pipe width on tip is wider.
-> may be Mundiphaeddusa (Mundiphaedusa) decapitata.

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