Taxonomic Swap 65916 (Committed on 13-12-2019)

Merged Neomarica Sprague into Trimezia Salisb. ex Herb.

Added by birdernaturalist on 10 December, 2019 19:37 | Committed by birdernaturalist on 13 December, 2019
replaced with


@bouteloua, can you please have a look at this to make sure it's all OK? From what I've seen iNat conforms to Plants of the World online, but there might be more to the story that I have time for. Also did the same for Lobivia –> Echinopsis. Thanks.

Posted by birdernaturalist over 4 years ago

You have to be very careful with the "Move children to output" option. That will automatically create new names under the output genus.

e.g. Neomarica caerulea would automatically become Trimezia caerulea. In many cases that automatically swapping will create invalid new names. In this case, in POWO, it is spelled Trimezia coerulea, with an o:

So you first need to check if all the epithets line up exactly, do the species taxon changes for the cases where they don't line up, and then you can swap the genus.

Posted by bouteloua over 4 years ago

Hi Cassi, Oh, that's good to know. Thanks!

Posted by birdernaturalist over 4 years ago

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