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I just noticed that I have made 25,000 identifications, mostly ferns of northeastern U.S. I hope to post more observations, with some better quality photographs.
Posted on 11 July, 2020 16:43 by donlubin donlubin


Thanks Don! I really appreciate you sharing your expertise.

Posted by flosi over 3 years ago

Congratulations and thank you for your IDs!

Posted by tniernberger over 3 years ago

Thank you and Congratulations! You have definitely perked my interest in ferns!

Posted by ksled over 3 years ago

P.S. And the importance of better quality photos!

Posted by ksled over 3 years ago

Thanks Don! You've helped me grow so much interest in the world of ferns.

Posted by connrcrane over 3 years ago

Don...Quite an accomplishment! Thanks for helping with so many identifications and inspiring many of us budding Naturalists to get to know our ferns. 🌿

Posted by kdemers48 over 3 years ago

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