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Lifelong resident of New York (Upstate, Mohawk Valley, Central region, that is!) Grew up on a 150 acre farm where I explored the woods, bogs, creeks, swamps, fields and pastures as a child. Now I'm retired and am curious about what lives and grows in my "back yard", especially the native plants and flowers that I remember from my childhood that are no longer obvious, have disappeared or are covered with invasive species that seem to be everywhere. Have enjoyed driving to some of the NY state Department of Environmental Conservation Unique Areas and N.Y.S. Parks and walking the trails. I hope to learn more about wildflowers, ferns, birds, bugs, mushrooms and even an occasional snake or spider. What a thrill it is to find a rare or endangered plant! I joined iNaturalist in order to find something worthwhile and safe to do during this Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.
I greatly appreciate the confirmations and corrections of the more experienced and the experts who verify or correct my observations. I'm hesitant to label an unfamiliar or uncommon species. My thanks to all of you for your assistance as I discover and learn what lives and grows!

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