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I've been here about two weeks now. First I posted some of my favorite sightings from the photos on my computer. I've been reviewing ferns of the U.S. pretty much every day since. (Once visiting a friend I used a laptop that couldn't get the + cursor to work - that was a handicap.) I live in Boston and am fairly familiar with the native pteridophytes of New England. I've been trying to give an opinion about nearly all the fern postings from the Northeast. I have been seeing ferns from other parts of the country, and am learning a few. Some I have seen on visits to California or Florida. Mostly I let others ID those.
This is all great fun. I like to walk in the woods here, and can often identify the ferns I see without breaking step. Especially fun is to have to stop and look carefully at something different. Sometimes I even take a piece for an herbarium collection (mostly NEBC).
Here I can ID ferns even at night, or when it is raining.

Posted on 18 June, 2019 13:51 by donlubin donlubin


Wonderful! Welcome to iNaturalist! Thanks for adding in ID’s on all of those ferns. Know that each and every ID that you provide doesn’t just make the data better, but they also welcome the naturalist observers to the community. That engagement is a big deal, and it’s greatly appreciated! :)

Posted by sambiology over 4 years ago

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