BioBlitz events in DFW this fall! Toss them on your calendar!

So, there are quite a few bioblitz events going on in and around the DFW area this fall. I had been meaning to put together this list for a while, and hopefully it's not too late to toss some of these on your calendar.

If you know of others, please comment with the details!!!

Saturday, September 29
5 - 9:30 PM
Overton Ridge Park, Keller
Happy birthday bioblitz to Kimberlietx! (and Brentano the day before)

Lots of details here:

Wednesday, Friday - Saturday, October 10, 12-13
Various times
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area
Please join me for some blacklighting on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and then lots of various events and objectives for Saturday! Details:

Saturday, October 20
1 - 3 PM
Harry Moss Park, Dallas
After a volunteer project to work on removing invasives in the AM, folks are going to document some of the pollinators around Harry S Moss Park in Dallas. This will be with the TPWD Pollinator BioBlitz.

Saturday, October 20
7:30 - 9:30 PM
Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Cedar Hill
Blacklighting and documenting some of the nocturnal critters at Dogwood Canyon.

Saturday, November 3
9 am - noon
Oliver Nature Park, Mansfield

Saturday, November 10
9 am - noon
Rockwall (location TBD) -- more details coming!

BioBlitzes are fun. :)

Posted on 25 September, 2018 19:59 by sambiology sambiology


We'll be at Dogwood for Night Flight!

Posted by cgritz over 5 years ago

This list makes me so happy! I'm going to try to make it to allll the BioBlitzes :D

Posted by wildcarrot over 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I live in Europe and am only here visiting so will not be able to attend any of the BioBlitzes. :O(

Posted by mishanook over 5 years ago

Put me on your tag list please, Sam: amymoonlady

Posted by amymoonlady over 5 years ago

Love Bioblitz. I'll be somewhere at LLELA for sure.

Sam, the Trophy Club Family Camp Out is Nov. 10. At the park meeting this morning we talked about your moth lamps. If you or any of your mothing buds would like to come out, it would be a great experience for the kids. Please let me know if you can line someone up for us. Thanks so much.

Anyone on this thread interested in bringing lamps to Trophy Club Park on Nov. 10? Sam said he can't do it, but I know there are a lot of you that have the skills and equipment. Thanks.

Posted by sarahg over 5 years ago

I will see if I can make it to some more of these. I am sure I can work out something.

Posted by galactic_bug_man over 5 years ago

I'll be at LLELA for sure.

Posted by jblinde over 5 years ago

Thank you for putting together this list. Maybe I should know this, but is there a way to search for local bioblitz's?

Posted by apcorboy over 5 years ago

FYI — several of us are planning on going to LLELA on Wednesday afternoon after lunch! Let me know if you want to come then! :)

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

I'll be at LLELA Wednesday after work! Should I bring a black light setup for mothing?

Posted by wildcarrot over 5 years ago

@wildcarrot — yeah! Bring your gear! I’ll be at LLELA at around 2 pm, but we’ll really focus on mothing set-up at like 6ish.

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

FYI -- just got an update -- the bioblitz in LLELA is cancelled due to the rain and storms highly predicted tomorrow. Nonetheless, we did get some great observations on Wednesday evening!

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

Apologies all -- there is no Rockwall BioBlitz tomorrow... :-/

Posted by sambiology over 5 years ago

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