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I'm an East Coast transplant to the DFW TX Metroplex since 2000. My degree is in geology with a research interest in coastal processes. Professionally, I worked in environmental compliance for state government and then private industry for 30+ years.

I'm a serious flower gardener and enjoy birding and observing nature. I took early retirement in 2018 and to fill my free time decided to become a Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Citizen Forester, and get certified with the Native Plant Society of Texas. These volunteer programs are a worthy way to stretch your mind, plus find meaningful work that is not part of the corporate world. Did I mention less stress ... there's that too!

Most of my observations come from my backyard where I've planted a wide variety of flowering plants (probably close to two hundred!) that attract a lot of pollinators. Using a handheld iPhone skews my photos to the insects that are easier to shoot than the birds that drop by. My yard is a certified NWF Wildlife Habitat so there are always things to observe. In addition to iNat, I share garden- and nature-related topics of interest to North Texans on Instagram at @thegardencoachdfw .

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