Interactions are now loaded.

Our iSpot interactions are now uploaded onto iNaturalist as a Project.

We hope next year to have them in a module on their own.

Please check the data.

  1. are all the old dark side interactions on?
  2. do all interactions have an active and a passive link?
  3. are the interactions correctly posted.

Please report any issues here.

How can we use this data?
Unfortunately it is not simple, but the philosophy is:
-- select your taxon
-- decide on the type of interaction you are interested in
... do you need a project or an observation field?
-- choose your filters appropriately from the explore menu.

Here are your important variables:
in the project: &project_id=interactions-s-afr
in the field: &field:Visiting%20a%20flower%20of:%20(Interaction)

Note unfortunately, you can only find observations of the species. You cannot find the species that they are interacting with - that is what we need the interactions module for.
More sophisticated filters are possible (e.g. eaten and parasitized by), but not if they involve taxon data from the other size of the interaction.

e.g. observations with any interaction to Beeflies: (use projects)

e.g. observations with Orangebreast Sunbirds visiting flowers: (use fields)

e.g. observations of passive interactions to Figs (i.e. eaten by, parasitized by, etc.):

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Passive interactions do not seem to be loaded ...

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 6 years ago

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