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Posted on 20 January, 2020 10:25 by tonyrebelo tonyrebelo


What to do if one or both of the "antagonists" have not been positively identified by more that just the observer? Should one wait or enter such an Observation under Interactions when you upload it?
*The whole point of this project, is that the species do not have to be identified. The fields cross-reference one another, so it will link the observations, and you can click to see the latest ID for the interaction.
That is why we do not follow some of the other instances of "interactions" which list the species instead of the observation: when the ID changes one the person who needs to change the ID missed it, or has moved on, or has died, then the data become wrong and useless.
By linking to the observation, the Identification (needs ID, research grade or casual) on either of the observations is irrelevant: the interaction still exists and is state of the art!

* If the passive party to the interaction, say a flower, has been observed and identified earlier and appear in your Observations does one need to make another Observation that would be accessible near/next to the Interactions observation?
Yes. It should be the two observations at the same time. Why? Because you may have made a mistake: the plant or animal last week, or five km away may well be different from those observed today. So an interaction should be of the two interactors in their interaction: try and get pictures of both. I tend to choose one and upload all the pictures, and then use "Duplicate" for the other. So the plant and pollinator, will have all the pics under the plant, but only the bee will be in the duplicated bee observation.

*How complete must the answers to the boxed questions in Interactions be? What if I can't refer to an URL?
If you cannot use a url, then you cannot post an interaction: just make a note - dont add it to this project. This project is only for observations where both (or more) partners have been recorded with photographs or sounds. Post only the url: nothing else.

* Would a snail drinking water qualify as an Interaction?
No: water is not living - so it does not qualify. It is not an interaction in that water cannot reciprocate - it cannot fight, flight, produce chemicals or die.
Besides water cannot be an observation on iNat, so it cannot be used as a url, so is not applicable to the project.

Posted by tonyrebelo over 4 years ago

Should a pathogen (e.g. a powdery mildew or a virus) be linked as a parasite?

Posted by cigazze about 2 months ago

Yes: parasite fits best.

Posted by tonyrebelo about 2 months ago

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