Interactions in southern Africa

iNat does not do interactions.

This project is to try and catch interactions in the meantime until a module is developed

There are already some odd systems on iNat to try and do this. But I have not yet found one that meets our needs.

The problem with interactions is that often one does not know either of the observations. And one wants to link an observation with an observation so that it can be checked, and not a species.

So we dont want to put everything on twice (although of course it will be easy to wean out issues in future), so please think about your interactions.
What we will do is post the ACTIVE observation as the Observation and the PASSIVE observation as the link. Symmetrical interactions choose any one - but why dont we choose the bigger one first?

So if your observation does not match the choices for interaction, then you should rather link from the other observation.

Your choices are:
* Visiting a flower of

  • Eating
  • Parasitizing
  • Carrying
  • Attached to
  • Associated with

Although this project is primarily southern African and designed to be iSpot compatible, it is open to anyone. less ↑

Posted on 13 October, 2017 13:06 by tonyrebelo tonyrebelo


So what if I want to know what eats reptiles? I can only filter reptiles & project, so I only get reptiles that have interactions (like eating something else).

I think it would be beneficial for filter purposes to have a two way interaction, so that the passive observation can also be linked and filtered.
e.g. being eaten by, a flower being visited by ect.

Posted by alexanderr over 6 years ago

This is a temporary project. We are going to try and push for an interactions module, and try and do it for next year.

All this data will be transferred to the module then and this will become obsolete. We also need it for the iSpot data when we migrate.

So at this stage keep it simple. If you want to write a small app that reciprocates the link, then cool. But people are having enough trouble with doing it once, let alone twice.

Posted by tonyrebelo over 6 years ago

Ah ok, I will await the module then.

Posted by alexanderr over 6 years ago

At request of iNat team, we have added a new type of interaction for the passive partner, so we have:

Visiting a flower of
Attached to
Associated with

But what about passive partners - such as:

a flower visited by
Eaten by
parasitized by
carried by

attached on
also associated with

So we have added a new box:
Passive partner.

Please feel free to use it.

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 6 years ago

Must we complete this for all previous observations? And iSpot interactions?

Posted by alexanderr almost 6 years ago

If you have nothing better to do.
When I am finished migration phase II, then I will add these automatically

Posted by tonyrebelo almost 6 years ago

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