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14 September, 2021

It's been a heck of a summer.

National Moth Week flew by in the blink of an eye along with most of my summer. I managed to pull through, and participate nearly every night! Did part at home here in MD, and went down to help my parents out for a week, and did part there in VA as well. I've been so busy ever since.
We returned home, and our grandmother passed away, and on top of that my daughter had to have surgery on her ear. Work has also been rough recently, and I just haven't gotten out nearly as much as I want to take photos.
At the request of a friend, I created several Projects for Garrett County, MD to cover our moths and butterflies, so that we could compare back and forth between BAMONA. I found a bunch of things that have been RGd over here that could be added to the data over there as well. There have been a couple of questionable ones, so I make sure I tag more experienced persons for a second opinion as needed, and I really appreciate all the feedback you guys give, or if you take the time to take a peek at something! I'm learning every day! A lot of the things that can be moved over, at least 28 species that I've personally photographed included.
As always, thank you everyone who stops and helps out with ID. It really means a lot to me, and helps me learn, especially from those who provide constructive feedback! I deeply appreciate all of you.

Added below are observations that still need ID:

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