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21 July, 2020

It's National Moth Week!

It's one of my favorite times of year, and i've been busy busy busy the last couple of nights! I'm so glad I got a few days to seriously participate this year.
I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I hope I can still get a few more in this week!
Next year I think I may try to schedule my vacation time on top of it, so I can ride the whole week out!
Wake up every couple of hours of the night for photography, edit during the day, and try not to fall asleep in my cereal bowl in the morning right? Hahahah.
I want to again sincerely thank everyone that helps me out with identifications!
I've seen so many cool new moths, and I can't wait to get the ones I can get Research Grade over on BAMONA as well!
Right now I'm running with a black light and a sheet in the back yard. I may buy a second one, it's done such a good job!
Even if I don't make it for moth week, I may try to do a night on another property before the summer is out. Different habitat, so hopefully I'll get some different moths!
I hope everyone is well, and safe this summer!

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25 July, 2020

Moth Week Winding Down!

Last day of National Moth Week! I think I've photographed at LEAST 325 moths for the event! I'm up to date with all my uploads, minus the ones I need to move over to BAMONA later as they get to be research grade.
Again, I really appreciate everyone that has helped me make IDs!
I've had a couple of extra nights to participate, thanks to having to quarantine for a few days (at least til I get my test results back.)
My sleep schedule is all over the place though! Yesterday I meant to take a nap at 4pm, but I woke up at 12! Stayed up til 2 making trips out to my sheet. It was wet, as it rained earlier in the day, so there wasn't a LOT but I still got a good many!
Back to bed, and up again at 5 to make one last trip out, and to put my light away before it starts raining again!
Hope everyone else is having a great moth week!

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